Monday, November 1, 2010

Dates and Peanuts Ladoo (Dates and Dry fruits Ladoo)

200 gm dates
½ cup roasted peanuts/Cashewnuts
1-tbsp ghee
¼ cup desiccated coconut (optional)

Step 1: Deseeded the dates and chopped it.
Step 2: Take the roasted peanuts and half crush in to mixer.
Step 3:If you like then use powder form of peanuts then it easy to mix with dates. I like crunchy test so I use half crush peanuts. Step 4: If dates are not much soft then microwave on high power for a minute.

Step 5: In a thick bottomed kadai, add one tbsp ghee in low flame.
Step 6: Add the soft microwave dates in it. Step 7: Keep stirring till the dates start to melt on low flame.
Step 8: Add half crush roasted peanuts in melt dates. While mixing dates and peanuts if they started burning slightly then immediately turn off the flame.
Step 9: When it is still warm, made small ladoos by hands.

Step 10: Roll the ladoos in desiccated coconut.
Step 11: Place in your container.Note:
1. If you like then add some sugar powdered along with desiccated coconut and then rolled the ladoos in them.
2. If you made this sweet for Diwali then add any Dry fruits whatever you like.

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Suhaina said...

looks very yummy.nice clicks too...

Srimathi said...

Looks simple and delicious.