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We made this vada before one day of Diwali festival this is our gujarati tradition to make vadas on that day and day is called “ Kali Chaudas”.
In our Gujarat every one makes the vadas on Kali chaudas for dinner. Kali Chaudas falls on Narak Chaturdasi or Choti Diwali day. This festival is observed as Roop Chaudas in Rajasthan.

VADA (Tradtional recipe of Gujarat)

Ingredients for vada
2 cup yellow corn flour Or Makki ka atta (available at any store or click here)
1 cup Bajra flour (Millet)
1 cup Gram flour
1\2 cup Semolina
1\4 cup wheat flour
1\4 tbsp Turmeric powder (optional)
1\2 cup sesame seeds
3-tbsp oil
5-6 tbsp lemon juice
1\2 cup yogurt to make dough
Sugar and salt to taste

Ingredients for the paste
9-10 fresh long green chillies
20 pieces of garlic
One big piece is Ginger
* Crush all this ingredient in mixer.
* Blend till smooth pasteMethod for making Vada:
Step 1: Mix all the flours together.Step 2: Add sugar, salt, turmeric powder and lemon juice.
Step 3: Heat the oil in a small vessel.

Step 4: Add sesame seeds and fry for while.Step 5: Add green chillies past and turn off the flame.Step 6: Pour this mixture over the prepared flour.Step 7: Mix with flour very nicely.Step 8: Add yogurt as require in it.Step 9: Knead the stiff dough.Step 10: Take small portion of dough and make round shape with help of plam or otherwise divided the dough into big portions and Roll into big round shape and then cut into small round shape with help of round shape.Step 11: Take all the vadas with help of knife.
Step 12: Deep Fry in hot oil on medium flame.Step 13: when all vadas if puffy then turn into another side and fry on low flame until they become light golden yellow.Step 14: Drain excess oil and place in another plate.
Step 15: Serve hot with tomato ketchup or fresh green chutney or it is batter tasty with yogurt chutney. Step 16: Store in an air-tight container after letting them cool thoroughly. They will keep well for a few days.
For other variations with this: Add Methi (Fenugreek) leaves for a nice change.
Enjoy these on another day with hot or cold a cup of masala tea. Make a perfect snack or breakfast.
Method of making yogurt chutney:
Step 1: Heat the 2-tbsp little oil in vessel.
Step 2: Add the cumin seeds and curry leaves.
Step 3: Turn of the flame and add into yogurt and add salt, sugar, red chilli powder and coriander seeds powder as your taste.
Farsi Puri or Salted Sakarpara (gujarati name)
Masala Puri with Methi leaves: Amrat Paak / Rava Paak/ Suji ladoo: Dark chocolate with peanuts
I made this with ready material of amul dark chocolate only double boiling the material and peanuts. Place in cool and ready to it in 15 minutes.
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Diwali Message
Always believe in YOU,
Listen to your Heart,
Trust your instincts,
know you CAN,
see your own strengths,
Dream it- Dare to Do What you are afraid of
Keep the faith.
Follow your vision
ANYTHING is possible if only you believe.