Sunday, April 15, 2007

Salted Aamla,Sweet Aamla

Salted Aamla
500gm aamla(Indian Gooseberry),
2-tbsp turmeric powder,
2-cup water,
2-tbsp salt,
2-tbsp ghee.

Step 1: Cut aamla into long pieces.
Step 2: Take clean glass jar and add water, salt, turmeric powder and cut aamla pieces.

Step 3: Close the lid of the jar and shake the bottle gently.
Step 4: Leave this jar two days as it is.
Step 5: After two day when aamla become soft then cut in to long pieces.

Step 6: Leave in the sun for at least two day.

Step 6: After two days aamla becomes totally dry and very small in pieces.

Step 7: Heat two tbsp ghee in pan and add dry aamla pieces.
Step 8: Stirring continuously for 5-6 minutes.

Step 9: You can store this for one year also.

Aamla Sarbat (Sorbet)

500 gm boiled aamla pieces,
200 gm sugar,
Salt for taste.
Step 1: Crush the boiled aamla pieces with sugar, salt and one glass water.
Step 2: Drain and pour into a bottle or glass and store in freeze.

Step 3: When you need sorbet then take 4-5 tbsp this material and add enough water and ice cubs.
Enjoy ver healthy and very taste drink.:)

Sweet aamla (Indian Gooseberry)
500gm aamla,
100gm sugar,
1\2-cup water.

Step 1: Wash the aamla and cut in to pieces.

Step 2: Add enough water in cooker bottom and steam aamla pieces.
Step 3: After a 5 minutes aamla color is change and they are soft.

Step 4: Turn off the flame and take in another plate.
Step 5: Heat the thick bottom pan and add water and sugar in it.

Step 6: Stirring continuously for 5-6 minutes.
Step 7: In law flame add aamla pieces.

Step 8: Stirring well until material become thick.

Step 8: Turn off the flame and rest this aamla for 2-3 hours as it is.

Step 9: After 2-3 hours take this aamla in flat plate.

Step 10: Leave in the sun for at least one day untill the aamla become dry.
Step 11: You can eat 2-3 pieces after taking dinner or lunch.

* A good source of vitamin C, potassium and bioflavonoids.
* Fair amounts of iron and vitamin A.
* High in fiber, low in calories.
* Their tartness is usually offset with large amounts of added sugar.


Tarika said...

mara mate pan thoda salty dry aamla moklish, tinki ne bahu bhave chhe.
Sorry got lot busy with work here, but I must say that your blog is full of very nice and novelty receipes and great art work too.Keep it up:)

Richa said...

sweet amala joiney moda ma pani avi gaya. bau saras lageche. i don't think we get fresh amala here, tara pics joine aiya khush thaiye che.

Anonymous said...

Thanks kajal for that extra input of Aamla benefits. Also we make aamla supari too by drying the aamla pieces in the sun but never heard of adding ghee to it. sweet aamla sounds and looks delicious too.. never tried it nor have i eaten it. How did you think of doing aamla recipes ?? Is this the season for Aamlas in India? In US we get only frozen amlas on a regular basis but should try"sabzi mandi" indian grocery store for fresh aamlas if this is the season.

musical said...

Wow Kajal, so many creative things with amala.....really great!

i love the amla juice: healthy,refreshing and tasty!

Thanks a lot dear, for sharing all these wonderful recipes.

Vcuisine said...

Hi Kajal, Very nutritious post and useful too. Thanks for the step by step pictures. Have a good day. Viji

Sia said...

my god!!! u r a tease:) i cant take my eyes off from the monitor. i have got few amlas and put them in salted water. there is no sunshine to put them out for drying:( the weather keeps changing here. will see what i can do abt it.
by the way that sweet amla recipe is too good. i will make it when i get hold of fresn amals:)

Kajal said...

Hi Tarika,
Tare fakat order karvno hooooooooooo.
I send definitely.
I know you are very busy so do not very about comment.
You spend lots of time for me.
Thanks for that.
Take care.

Kajal said...

Hi Vinita,
Thanks for your nice reply.
Winter (January) is season for aamlas.
My mom made sweet aamla so I try different type of other recipe.
In April there is no aamla in sabzi mandi.
I take photo of this recipe before two month but pending for post so I post 15-April.

Kajal said...

Hi Musical,
Thanks for lovely words.:)
Enjoy the sorbet it is really very tasty and once you try then you always like to drink. Also freeze and use in summer..........
Take care.

Kajal said...

Hi Viji,
Thanks for nice words from you.
Good day.
Bye for now.:)))))))))))

Kajal said...

Hi Sia’s Corner,
Thanks for lovely comment from you.
Enjoy with great taste.
Have a nice day.
Take Care.:)))))))))

Kajal said...

Hi Richa,
Thanks for nice reply.
I think I supply this for my every blog buddies.
Tara mate phela mokli dav.
Take Care.

Shantihhh said...

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Let me know if you are interested.

Kajal said...

Hi Shantihhh,

Thanks for your nice comment but I am really very sorry to reply you late. I am interested in this fun-foodie site. If you are free than send me more information about this so I share my recipe with this site. Also give me your email Id so we share more information.

Have a nice day and Take Care.:))

Shan Masala said...

This is why buying Indian grocery online makes sense

Maggie Noodles said...

This is why buying Indian grocery online makes sense

Bhumika said...

Hello Kajal,

I was searching for some Amla recipe and your blog was very nice to look at. Even the explaination is very clear and specific. I like the benefits and drawbacks which you have mentioned.

Just loved your skills.....
Keep experimenting and keep adding your flavours in recipes.....


Bhumika said...

Hi Kajal,

I was searching for Amla recipes and came across to your blog. Its very helpful. The pictures and the explanation is very clear and specific. I liked the benefits and drawbacks which you have mentioned after every recipe. I wish you all the best and Good job.
I expect more new recipes from your end.

Happy cooking....


nisha said...

i loved the amla sharbat totally unique and new to me

Unknown said...

ipes dekh kar maza aa gaya! they r mouth watering!!
I think abhi aamla is not avilable in market,otherwise .. main toh try bhi kar leti!!

Anonymous said...

Add a pinch of salt to the Amla pieces before they are steamed and add a pinch to the sugar syrup too. You will be surprised at the enhancement in taste with salt addition. I did this after reading your blog but with my trick of adding salt and felt like sharing with you folks!

balakrishna said...

Hi Kajal,

would it need acetic acid for sweet amla for the dry supari like conservative method.

Unknown said...

Hi kajal
Very nice recepie...
Keep posting. ..