Friday, April 20, 2007

Puran Poli

My Sister Favorite dish …………..

Ingredients for making dough:
1-cup flour,
1\2-cup water,
3-tbsp oil.

Method for making dough:
Step 1: Mix all ingredients and make dough.

Step 2: Then add 1-tbsp of oil over the dough and mash well and make a lemon size boll.

Ingredients for making puran :
1-cup tuver dal,
1-cup sugar,
1-tbsp ghee,
1-tbsp cardamom powder.

Method to prepare puran poli:
Step 1: Pressure cook tuver dal with sufficient water.

Step 2: After that turns off the flame and cool at room temperate. Mix with hand blander until soft material.Step 3: Take thick bottom pan and turn on the flame, add ghee and mix boiled dal.

Step 4: Stirring continuously for 20-25 minutes and after that add sugar and cardamom powder in it.Step 5: After adding sugar stirring continuously until the material become thick and spoon is straight in the material without support.

Step 6: Take lemon size boll of dough.

Step 7: Roll a thick roti about 4” diameter with help of roller and put small part of puran at center.Step 8: Cover this middle part with ends of roti.

Step 9: Press gently and dust with dry flour and roll smoothly up to 5”diameter.

Frying the puran poli:
Step 1: Heat thick flat pan and place the puran poli on it.

Step 2: Cook for 1-minutes in low flame. Turn for other side and heat on medium flame.

Step 4: Spared oil on other side.

Step 5: Turn for other side and cook have brown golden patches.

Step 6: Serve hot with your favorite curry.


Anonymous said...

puran-polis look perfect.Even they are my favourite.But mine never turns out so good as yours.One Q ;did u use maida or wheat (atta) for the dough?
i would love to try ur recipe.

Vinita said...

My favorite too. but we make puran poli with chana daal and jaggery. The dough recipe is different too.

Richa said...

hi kajal, puran poli mari favorite che! joine maja aavi. hu kyare goad nakhu aney kyare sugar.
Looks beautiful.

Sandeepa said...

I was looking at your posts and your step-by-step pics are almost like avideo you know
Very good work

Shilpa. said...

Wow, that looks wonderful! Sorry for my ignorance, but is this a speciality of the south? I've never heard of it before.

Asha said...

I love Obbattu! My grandmother makesit with Tuar dal like you and leftover dal water becomes Rasam!!YUM.
Kajal,you are great cook,I love the photos and your recipes.Thanks sweetie:)

TRS said...

My favorite too!! I love this....


Sharmi said...

hey Kajal nice recipe dear!! We usually use chana dal for stuffing and maida. but this one is easier and better. looks yummy too.

Susan said...

Hi Kajal!

Thanks so much for visiting my blog. You have a delicious blog! I especially appreciate your step-by-step instructions. I can't wait to try some of your recipes.


Tarika said...

Thanks Kajal for lovely reciepe as our Anniversary gift!

Kajal said...

Hi Anonymous,
Thanks for nice comment.
I use wheat flour (atta) for making dough.
Have a nice day.

Kajal said...

Hi Vinita,
Thanks for lovely words.
With chana daal and jaggery sound great I will also try it. I think it is same process as tuver daal. Am I right?
Please say different recipe of dough?

Kajal said...

Hi Richa,
Tamro khub khub Aabhar.
Maja ma chho ne?
Hu pan goad nakhi ne banavish.

Kajal said...

Hi Sandeepa,
Thanks for your lovely words and appreciating my work.
Have nice day.:)

Kajal said...

Hi Shilpa,
Thanks for nice words.
This is Gujarati dish. I am basically Gujarati Girl.
Good day.:)

Kajal said...

Hi Asha,
Thanks for sweet comment.
It is great idea to become a Rasam but I have no left water of tuver dal.
It is perfect mix of water and daal.
Take Care.
Have a nice day.

Kajal said...

Hi Trupti,
Enjoy your favorite dish...........
Take Care.

Kajal said...

Hi Sharmi,
Thanks for you nice words.
Chana dal is also great sound, so I will try it definitely.
Maida is good but wheat flour is good for health so we mostly avoid maida.
Thanks for good comment.
Take Care.

Kajal said...

Hi Susan,
Thanks for appreciating my work.
You just tell me if you are trying any recipe so I can understand my work is done well.
Thanks for nice words.

Take Care.:))

Kajal said...

Hi Tarika,
Love you dear.
This is gift of your anniversary bcoz you are so far.
We miss you and all members.
I know you are busy with your new work so keep it up.
Thanks for your lovely words.
Have great felling with this dish when we prepared.
Take Care.

musical said...

Very sweet recipe, just like you :).

Kajal said...

Hi Musical,
Thanks for visit.
Good day.

Bhumika said...

Kajal you are best.. Hu hamnaj lagn karine US shift thai chu .. And I never cooked before but ahi ame bej chiye to I have to cook and you help me a lot.. Earlier I used to search for receipe in google now I just search in your blog.. I tried many of them and will try more.. But really thanks for sharing this with new comerers like us :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry for my bad english. Thank you so much for your good post. Your post helped me in my college assignment, If you can provide me more details please email me.

pallavi said...

hai kajal i loved ur recipe, inever learnt anything from my mom.... then i realised learning was so important when ilost her...thank u so much

pallavi said...

hai kajal i loved ur recipe, inever learnt anything from my mom.... then i realised learning was so important when ilost her...thank u so much