Monday, April 23, 2007

Bharva-began,potato and onion.

5-6 brinjals (began or eggplant),
5-6 small onion,
1-tbsp mustard seeds,
1-tbsp cumin seeds,
3-tbsp oil.

Ingredients for making masala:
1-cup beaten rice,
1-tbsp turmeric powder,
1-tbsp red chilli powder,
1-tbsp coriander cumin powder,
1-tbsp sugar (optional),
3-tbsp lemon juice,
Salt to taste.

Step 1: Slit the vegetable in to four the bottom alone.

Step 2: Stuffed masala inside the vegetable.

Step 3: Heat the oil in cooker and add mustard seeds, cumin seeds, and asophotedia.

Step 4: Then add stuffed potatoes,onion and began in it.

Step 5: Than add 1\2-cup water in it.

Step 6: Pressure cook for two visuals (6-7 minutes).

Step 7: Serve hot with roti.


Richa said...

hi kajal, hope u had a good wknd! bharva mix veg saras lage che, tara recipe na pics maney bau gamey. plate ma kothmir chutney che na?

Vinita said...

Wow kajal this looks so yummy. Learned something new from your recipe..addhing poha to the stuffing is something new to me. we just add masala or a lil bit of besan or til powder. Do the poha stay crispy?? The whole thaali looks delicious and I havent had my lunch yet..

Asha said...

A very unique filling for Bharwa Baigan.Love the look.Poha in there too.Very nice Kajal:))

Sharmi said...

waw Kajal, you post so many recipes!! nice innovative bharvas. liked ur sandwich too.


Dr. Soumya Bhat said...

This is really creative kajal...using poha here is really new to me....good one..

Kajal said...

Hi Richa,
Tari comment maney bahu gamey chhe tame amne aamaj comment karta rejo ane ame pan tamane javab apta reshu.
Tamro khub khub aabhar.
Plate ma kothmir chutney chhe.
Take Care.

Kajal said...

Hi Vinita,
Thanks for lovely words dear friend.
Poha not stay crispy. It is like soft as we use besan but taste good.
We also use besan and masala. When I try frist time poha and every body like it very much then we use poha for stuffing in most of vegetable not all.
Take Care.

Kajal said...

Hi Asha,
Thanks for lovely comment. My recipe and all work with support of you.
You are my first forever blog buddies.
Take Care.:)

Kajal said...

Hi Sharmi,

Thanks for appreciating me.
Have a nice day.:))


Kajal said...

Hi Dr. Soumya Bhat,

Thanks for nice comment.:))
Good day.


musical said...


This is such a fantastic recipe, and the pictures are also so instructive. The filling you used is so innovative. Thanks a lot, i'll be making it soon.


Kajal said...

Thank you Musical, it's my pleasure! :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Kajal

Made your Bhindi alu today, was great as expected. I think i have enjoyed bhindi after ages.
I had two clarifications:
1. I made garlic chilli paste exactly as per your recipe but had trouble mixing it properly with bhindi. Any tips

2. In bharva began,potato, onion recipe, is it better to use Jada poha or bareek poha.

Thanks for all the great stuff u show us so generously

Kajal said...

Hi Rashmi,
First of all thanks for you lovely comment.

1.If garlic paste is not easily mix with bhindi so you add 2-3 tbsp water in garlic paste and then you mix with bhindi....and cook 2-minutes after add paste.

2. In bharva began,potato,onion recipe you use both type of poha, I use jada poha. But when you cook in pressure cooker than add some little more water bcoz poha need more water as compare to any other stuffed masala.

Thanks Rashmi for you nice words for me........If you have any other problem than you ask anytime with out hesitate.

Have a nice day.:)

Anonymous said...

Hello. Great job. I did not expect this on a Wednesday. This is a great story. Thanks!

shaikh said...

this is very inovative idea to use poha in stuffing instead of besan. it is nice thank you very much for such recipes.