Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Khichu and Papad

1Kg. Rice flour,
50gm green chillies,
25gm cumin seeds,
25gm bishopweed seeds (ajamo),
25gm sesame seeds,
2-tbsp soda-bi-carb,
Salt to taste.

Method to prepare Khichu:
Step 1: Finely crush green chillies, cumin seeds, ajamo in mixer.

Step 2: Take double water as compare to rice flour.
Step 3: Heat the water in thick bottom vassal and add crush material in it.

Step 4: Than add soda-bi-carb, salt and sesame seeds in it.

Step 5: When water bubbling then add flour slowly over the water. Do not mix the water and flour.
Step 6: Spread flour over the water with spoon and cover the vassal with dish.

Step 7: After 30 minutes water absorbed and cover the flour.

Step 8: Then take wooden spoon and stirring continuously in one dimension.

Step 9: Mix well up to all water and flour showing like a dough.
Step 10: Kichu is read to eat. You can eat with oil, red chilli powder and green chilli paste.

Method for making Papad:
Step 1: Take small portion of khichu in plate and mix with glass as making dough.

Step 2: Then make dough with hand in any shape.

Step 3: After that heat water in vassal and steam this dough for 5-minutes.

Step 4: Take a two plastic bags and cut in to round shape. Put in papad machine.
Step 5: In between of both plastic bag put small boll of dough.

Step 6: Cover the machine and press it with its handle.

Step 7: Open the machine and boll is spared into round shape.

Step 8: Take this papad with plastic bag and leave this papad over the cloth.

Step 9: Leave in the sun until they become totally dry, store for long time.

Step 10: Put 1 papad in the microwave oven.Start out and cook the papad for 30 seconds.


Vinita said...

Hi kajal,
Looks like I am the first one to comment..Here in US everyone had a long weekend for the easter.This recipe of khichu is totally new to me..I had not heard about it or seen or tasted it.It looks tasty though and i will definitely try it.
And the reason why I dont have a food blog is because I dont think I will be able to do such a good job as you do.
I see asha from foodie's hope comment here but i cant comment on her blog for some reason. Tell her I love her blog a lot. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

AA paapdi no lot chhe? Ek dam jordaar laage chhe. Actually mari wife ketlaa divas thi aani recepie shodhti hati, ane tame aaje ahi aapi didhi. Khub khub aabhaar aapno. Keep up the good work. Thanks Kajal.


Asha said...

WOW!! Kajal,sounds and looks so good with all the green chillies in there dear! YUM!!!

Dr. Soumya Bhat said...

Hey Kajal,
This dish is very intresting.totally new to me..Well gotta try this one for sure.Thanks for sharing such a innovative recipe....

musical said...

Hey Kajal,

That khichu is new to me and amazing. with all the green chillies, it must be heavenly to eat :)

Thanks for this great recipe.

Kajal said...

Hi Vinita,
I have no words for you lovely comment.
You start a blog I definitely say that you work well.
When I start blog than I have no idea how to put picture and write all this things but help of my sister I start it. In starting we have more time to mange this but after practice it is easy. You have commented so many blog and you see that blog. So it is easy to start for you. I want to see your blog. You are such nice girl then your blog is definitely good.
You start any type of other blog.
Thanks for your nice words. Take a chance to comment me.
Have a nice day.
Take care!

Kajal said...

Hi Samir,
Papad is ready. Recipe is here for making papad. Try and enjoy with your family.
Good day.:)

Kajal said...

Hi Asha,
Your comment is as nice as you are.

Kajal said...

Hi Dr.Soumya,
Enjoy this dish. This is my mom recipe.
All the credit for this recipe is gone to my mom.
Thanks for your nice words.:)

Kajal said...

Hi Musical,
Yes, this is new for some Indian people then this is new for you also.
But this is village day’s recipe. You eat and you go to heaven...................
Just for fun. But it is very good taste.
Thanks for your comment.

Vinita said...

Hi Kajal'
Your encouragement in starting a new blog has certainly given me lots of hope. I will surely think about it but the only thing is I dont know much about computers.
I also would like to try these papads that you have shown today . I hope they are as easy as you make them look.

Sia's Corner said...

my god!!! khichu is one hot stuff. never heard or seen them before. it must be really spicy with all those chillies. i donno wheather my stomach can handle this:)
it was so good to see homemade papads. here in this nasty weather i cant even imagine to make papads. an i am bit lazy too. love ur enthu kajal. gr8 work...

trupti said...

i love homemade Papdi....but I like Khichu even better....Garam Garam Khihu aney tel....so good!!


Sharmi said...

waw Kajal, that is a hell lot of work!! but good to know you make it at home, what more do we need? there is so much pleasure when we make something like this at home right form scratch like pickles and sauces.


Hyderabadi's said...

Wow Kajal,
intersting recipe.

priya said...

Wow!!! One hardworking girl with a beautiful recipe;))

Thanks for sharing.

Kajal said...

Hi Vinita,
You start it. If you have any problem then you write a mail to any blog buddies we can help you. Computer is very easy. I am not too much knowledge of computer but when we use it then all this learn. Papad is not to much easy it is difficult part to Stirring process.
I wait for your blog if you really like.:)

Kajal said...

Hi Sia’s corner,
Thanks for lovely comment. It is not too much spicy. When you eat then it is mix with flour and roasted so it simple good for health.

Kajal said...

Hi Trupti,
Khichu is most demanding here. Most of fun fare in Gujarat it is available to eat like our pani-puri. It is store of garam garam khichu................
Thanks for nice words.
Good day.:)

Kajal said...

Hi Sharmi,
Yes you are totally right sharmi. ..........
Very much time demanding and hard work process..........
Thanks for you comment.

Kajal said...

Hi Hyderabadi’s,

Thanks a lot...........


Kajal said...

Hi Priya,
Thank you for nice comments.
Take care.

Richa said...

hi kajal,

khichu saras lagey che, mane bau bhave. NJ ma ek ajj restaurant ma khichu male che, ame tya jaiye.
have ghare banavis.

Kajal said...

Hi Richa,
Thanks for nice words.
Badha ne bau bhave chhe mate recipe muki chhe. Ghare banavi ne jalsa thi jamo.........

musical said...

and Kajal, those papadis are great.

feel like having some with my lunch right now.....

and your pictures are so great.

Kajal said...

Hi Musical,

Thanks for lovely words.
Enjoy with lunch or dinner.


Rajani said...

Hi Kajal,
Very nice recipe of papad and the way u describe with your photos are amazing. Feel like trying it out.
For us winter started damn. Will keep the recipe in my data base though. Thanks.


Kajal said...

Hi Rajani,
Thanks for appreciating me.

Try and enjoy.:))))))))


Anonymous said...

Thank you for saving my day. I love papdi no lot and was looking for recipie for that. Now I can make it myself and have it. You have explained it in much detail with pictures which makes it easier for me to follow.


Kajal said...

Hi Nikhil,
Thanks for nice comment.
Try and enjoy.:)
Take Care.

Anonymous said...

i tried out your recipe but the papads after they get dried they tend to have lot of holes in them
papads r not whole in shape

Kajal said...

If you are not cook your flour perfectly then holes in them, also you mesh until they are soft.
Good day.:)

jayashree said...

Hi kajal

Really liked your rice papad. Can u also let us know how to make urad dal papad or moon dal papad.


Anonymous said...

hey i was so desperate to eat this and finally happy to see this and that too with picture.. especially for people like me who stay so far from home so hard to make it like mom and m sure gonna try this tomorrow.. once again thanx a ton..
good luck...

Bhargav Gajjar said...

Kajal, I like the hdr photos of the food you are making. It is easy for "dummies" to see. Have you tried making a YouTube video ? It maybe very useful for the rest.

Good job !

shweta said...

hi kajal,
i made suji dhokla yestrdy,
bt it was not spongy at all.
wat was my mistake? pls help m

dharini said...

Hi kajal,
i was trying to make khichu today but i dont know what happened with it, it didn't cook properly when the water absorbed there were lots of uncooked flour left inside. so i dont know why, can you tell me how could it be done?

bellybytes said...

Hey Kajal

I loved your blog. I want to join up as your follower. How do I do this?

Jayshree said...

Hi Kajal,

Very nice recipe!! Ek vaat puchu? Mane tamaro papdi nu machine gamyu che.
I live in the USA and when i come in November 2009 to India i would like to buy this type of machine. Where can i get that from? Ahmedabad or Baroda? Give me the exact address of the shop from where i can buy.

Secondly, Please can you show how to make saurashtra lamba fafda?

Thank you and looking forward for your feedback.
Jayshree Shelat-Bhatt

Jayshree said...

Hi Kajal,

Very nice recipe!! Ek vaat puchu? Mane tamaro papdi nu machine gamyu che.
I live in the USA and when i come in November 2009 to India i would like to buy this type of machine. Where can i get that from? Ahmedabad or Baroda? Give me the exact address of the shop from where i can buy.

Secondly, Please can you show how to make saurashtra lamba fafda?

Thank you and looking forward for your feedback.
Jayshree Shelat-Bhatt

RJ said...

when leaving Khichu ( also known as paapdi) out in the sun why does it crack. What I am I doing wrong

Anonymous said...

Hi Kajal,

Thanks a lot for sharing this recipe with us and that too with photos!

I really appreciate your hard work and efforts to share recipes. Keep it up.

Take care,

Kajal said...

Hello Nidhi,

Thanks for appreciating my work.
Nice to see your lovely comment dear.

Have a great day!!!

Kajal said...

Hi RJ,

First of all thanks for comment. If your paapdi crack in sun that meaning your rice flour is not cook well. Try to cook in low flame over the water for more time. If your flour is cook well it doesn't crak in sun.

Good Day!!!

Archit SHah said...

nic work done by kajal...

ruchira said...

nice work by you. kajal

Anonymous said...

Looks like you are an expert in this field, you really got some great points there, thanks.

- Robson

Hasu Shah said...

Where can I find papad machine
in Mumbai or Ahmedabad and
what is the brand of this machine.

Foram said...

Hi Kajal,

Thanks for sharing a nice snack dish. Khichu is my favourite pass-time snack....

I will make it sure in evening & then will tell you the result.... :)

Foram said...

Hi kajal,

I found your blog while searching for farali recipes... Its too good yar. I want to tell you thank you for the recipe of khichu. As khichu is my fevourite, bt I was not awre about how to make it, bt yesterday I found its recipe on your blog, & today I made it in breakfast... it was so yummy.... thanks 4 this.
Your job is very good....

jolie said...

Please can ANYONE help? How do I make papad of wheat flour? I recently ate one and it was so good? It was from roti atta? anyone please. write to jollie.e.james@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

very well done kajal. the recepi is vert nice and seems very attractive and tasty as you have given along with pictures

Anonymous said...

Hey Kajal,
Very nice work!!! Your papad looks amazing...Can you please explain step 6 in Khichu...SO after I put
rice flour in boiling water I do not stir it for 30 mins?
Thanks a million :)

pcdattani said...

net upar hu mara restaurant mate instant chokha na dhokla (khata dhokla)ni REET shodhu chhu.
REET instant joiye.
(mari pase dhokla pakavva nu machine chhe.)

varsha said...

hi I was looking for khichoo reciepe, because when i was child I use help my mother in making khichiya papad but, time goes all the traditional receipe vanish, but I was desparete to learn khichiya, I tried and it turned well thanks for easy expalining method.

arya said...

hi, it's amazing.i hav no words der.,......u r so sweet like ur dish,...

Geet Thakkar said...

Hi thanks for such a lovely mouthwatering recipe :)

Geet Thakkar said...

Hi kajal thanks for such a lovely mouthwatering recipe :) God Bless You...

Dhaval Shah said...

sometimes in khichiya papad machine the "khichiya" is very thick
how can we make it thin ?

Dhaval Shah said...

sometimes in khichiya papad machine the "khichiya" is very thick
how can we make it thin ?

Anarita said...

That great. Give you 100 point. 100/100.

Anonymous said...

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