Saturday, August 25, 2007

Bharwa Bhindi (Bharela Bhinda / Stuffed Okra)

An all-time favourite of Bhindis stuffed with lip-smacking spices.

This lovely dish for Laavanya…..........................................................

She was request me give gujarti recipe for stuffed Bhindi… Laavanya this is for you my dear…..Enjoy original Gujju dish…So I request to all my friend if you request for gujarti dish and if possible for me than I will always try to complete your wish.

Laavnaya requested two recipes............second recipe I will post after some days my dear……Wait for that Laavanya.:)))


150 gm fresh bhindi
2-tbsp garlic paste
2-tbsp oil
1-tbsp mustard seeds
1-tbsp cumin seeds

Ingredients for filling:
5-tbsp besan flour
1-tbsp red chilli powder
1\2-tbsp turmeric powder
3-tbsp lemon juice
2-tbsp cumin+coriander powder
2-tbsp sesame seeds
1-tbsp oil
Salt to taste

* Mix all ingredients for filling.

Step 1: Wash the bhindi and dry with towel. Make long slits on the bhindi.

Step 2: Stuff the bhindi with the besan filling.

Step 3: Arrange the stuffed bhindi in a steamer plate.

Step 4: Steam this stuffed bhindi until they are soft approximately 10 minutes in medium flame.
Step 5: Heat the two tbsp oil in a flat pan and add mustard seeds and cumin seeds. When they begin to pop then add garlic paste in it.

Step 6: After that add stuffed bhindi in it gently.
Step 7: Turn the flame law and cook smoothly for 10 minutes so they become crispy.

Step 8: Add reaming filling mater in it. Mix well and cook in law flame.

Step 9: Cover the pan and turn off the flame after one minute. Place it in serving bowl.

Step 10: Serve hot with Roti, Rice and Dal.:)

Note: If you like then add garlic paste in filling material also.

In middle of Rain season this is picture of rain out side my home…..if rain is begin and any body serve this hot dish then I always feel like heaven…..

Next coming is something sweet for Raksha Bandhan. Any body says the name of this sweet dish?


Rajani said...

Hi Kajal,
Bendi's look good. Can't wait for your coconut sweet :-).


sana said...

Hi Kajal,

I love your blog and love to see the Gujarati dishes you make.I came across your blog through food blog desam. I have been born and brought up in Gujarat, so I really love the food you cook. I am looking forward to make so many dishes from your blog.I learnt to make bharela bhinda from one of my friends. This is the first dish I prepared for my in-laws :) I use jhini sev instead of the besan so its easier - I am sure you already know about this.

Madhu said...

Hi Kajal,
Lovely presentation as always. I love okra anything made with it is delicious.
Coconut burfi looks awesome too...Happy weekend.

Dipti said...

kajal, thanks alot!!!!

Arundati Rao said...

Dear Kajal, i love your presentation....Bharwa Bhindi is one of my favourites but i have never made it...i must try this....i think the sweet is nariyal burfi

Asha said...

Stuffed Okra looks great Kajal.Little more work than usual but worth it if you see the final product:))
Coconut burfi?
Do you know a snack called Muthri or Mathri? I would like that recipe!:)

Aparna said...

Hi Kajal,

Bhindi's look good, can we add onions to this while frying? the sweet looks like coconut burfi

I love all the gujju dishes on your site.. hope to try some of them...


Laavanya said...

Kajal, the stuffed bhindi looks absolutely lovely. Thank you so much for the recipe! As always, love your step-by-step photos. Will try it out and let you know.
Is that coconut burfi in the last snap?

Jayashree Anil said...

Hi Kajal,
I am always looking for bhindi recipes.... will try this one too. Wanted to know how come the garlic paste is red?


Sharmi said...

very delicious looking bhindi Kajal. looks so yummy. will try it and let you know.

Sharmi said...

oh Isn't that coconut burfi?

Cynthia said...

Kajal, you know how much I love bhindi! I have bookmarked your recipe and will most definitely try it. Thanks for the step-by-step guide. Lovely post.

Suganya said...

Thats burfi. Looks luscious.

archana said...

Hi Kajal, I liked your recipe and will surely try it. The stuffing is very tasty :)

Vcuisine said...

The Stuffed Okras are great Kajal. Thanks for the recipe. I did not know they have to be steamed before frying. Is it coconut peda? Viji

Jyothsna said...

nice dish Kajal. You can microwave it too, turns out nice and with less oil.

Lia said...

Kajal yours bhindi looks yummy, iam never had this but really i wanna try to make it soon :)

Latha Narasimhan said...

Bhindi is my favourite! lovely pictures make me crave for them! I must make this soon.

Priyanka said...

Kajal... bharela bhinda joine mohma pani avi gayu... 2 varas thi mein khadha nathi bharela bhinda... aa vakhate lai avish bajar mathi to chokkas banavish.

Sweet dish= kopra pak che ne?

Tee said...

Bharwa Bhindi looks very delicious! This recipe is going straight in my bookmarks...will let you know once i try it.:)

zobars said...

Bharela bhinda nu shaak to yummy lage chhe. Kyare jamva aavu Kajal ??
Kopra pak chhe ??

Arts said...

First time to ur blog and really loved the way u give step by step description... :)
Also loved ur mehendi and other art work.. u r too good at everything Kajal.. Will be a regular visitor of ur blog now..
Bhendi is my all time favourite.. And am waiting for the coconut barfi recipe.. have a coconut at home so wudnt mind trying as soon as u post the recipe :)

TBC said...

I love stuffed bhindi but don't stuff it when I make it 'cos it's too much work.I wish someone would cook it for me ;-)
Is that a pic of coconut burfi? I love those things:-)

l_0oio0_l said...

have kale mae bharela ringan and bateta mate badhu ready j kari rakhyu che ...ane tamara blog par aaje aa joyu...hahaha have i guess hu eema thoda bhinda b nakhi dais :)

hu karela jaldi j post jara move karu chu aa week ....etle eena pachi na week ma def. karish...

Urvish said...

Hello Kajalben,

How can I thank you for your wonderful blog!! I came across your blog a while back and have tried many of your recipes. Living in the U.S as a bachelor, I am always reminded of my home in Baroda when I make any of your recipes ...especially the "uni uni rotli." lol, yes i love to cook and eat! even though as a boy, mom never taught me how to make anything, your blog is a God-sent. My dad's side of the family is from Surat and I would greatly appreciate it if you could post a traditional Surti recipe, surti papdi nu shaak maybe?!

Keep up the great work! And I will keep on practicing to make my rotlis as round as yours :) :) :)

Best Wishes

Urvish said...

Sorry, forgot to mention, I am gonna start blogging is my blog address for anyone interested


Padma said...

Wow Kajal, that Bharwa Bhindi is simply superb, I was searching since so long for this kinda recipe..mere mooh main to paani aagaya...loved those pics...

And I think those are coconut barfis, right!

bahu acha lage che! (trying to learn guju from one of my fren ;))

SMN said...

Hi Kajal,

Hey very nice recipe.. i love Bindhis.. and always keep lukin out for new recipes.. thnx for sharing..

Manasi said...

Bhendi (in all forms) is my FAVOURITE!!! Stuffed version looks TOO GOOD!!!
Now is that a coconut burfi?

Padma said...

hey Kajal, how do you make that garlic paste?

Tarika said...

Looks like "Kopra Paak" or is it "rava paak"?

Kajal said...

Hi Rajani,

Thanks for your sweet words.
Don’t wait take one piece of this sweet:-)


Kajal said...

Hi Sana,

Thanks for you lovely comment. Jhini sev is nice idea. I will use sev next time. I use sev in some of the other stuffed curry but not in Bhindi. Really appreciate your nice words.

Have a nice day:-)

Kajal said...

Hello Madhu,

Thank you my dear friend.
Good day and Take Care.:)

Kajal said...

Thanks Dipti.
Have a great day.:)

Kajal said...

Hi Arundati Rao,

Thanks for your charming words.
I am really very happy to see your nice comment.

Good day.:))

Kajal said...

Hellooooooooooo Asha,

Yes you are right this is time making dish so I not make it usually but some function is organized then I made this curry for change.

Asha your suggestion about Mathri is nice but I don’t know about this. Some time name is different in some part of Gujarat if you say the ingredients then I guess about this Mathri or Muthri. If I find it then I definitely post this recipe.


Kajal said...

Hey Aparna,

Yes, definitely you add onion after tempering my dear. This is also turns to be nice taste. Thanks for your nice suggestion. I will also try onion.


Kajal said...

Hello Jayashree Anil,

Thanks for you beautiful comment. I use red chilli powder with garlic then paste is red.

Have a nice day.:)))

Kajal said...

Hey Laavanya,

Thank you my requested than I make this dish after long time.

Good day.:))))

Kajal said...

Hiiiiiiiiiii Sharmi,

Thanks for your lovely writing.
Try and enjoy this delicious dish.


Kajal said...

Hi Cynthia,

I know you love Bhindi. I see your nice post about Bhindi you make many varieties from bhindi. You are master in Bhindi recipe.:))

Kajal said...

Thanks Suganya.

I think you love Burfi.......Ok Enjoy the sweet.

Good Day and Take Care.:)))

Kajal said...

Archana.........Thanks my dear.:)

Love your cute words.
Good day.:))

Kajal said...

Hello Viji,

Yes this is something like coconut peda........but different not exact. But very near to sweet. Suggestion is nice.:)

Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!

Kajal said...

Hi Jyothsna,

Thanks for your nice suggestion next time I use microwave. But laavanya say originally gujarti dish so I make this original style. Microwave is always good option for less oil.

Have a nice day and Take Care.:)))

Kajal said...

Hello Lia,

Thanks for your fastidious words.

Kajal said...

Hi Latha Narasimhan,

Your words are very fine as you are. Thanks a lot!!!!!!!

Kajal said...

Shu vaat chhe Priyanka?

Mane gujju loko male ane gujarati ma lakhe te bahu j game.
Tu chokkas banav j ane aaram thi kahje ane post kar j. Tara khub sundar shabdo badal aabhar.:)

Kajal said...

Hi Tee,

Thanks for your polite words.
I am wait when you try and post on your blog..........

Kajal said...

Hello Zobars,

Are my dear tu game ture aavi ja hu tari rah jovu chhu...Mane khub aanad thayo tari comment vachi ne.
Take Care.:)

Kajal said...

Hi l_OoioO_l,

Bharel ringan and bateta ma bhinda na nakhay... karn ke tema pani nakha vanu hoy ane bhinda ma pani ave to te gum je va chikana thai jay ane saak na bhave. Banvi nikhu hoy to pachhe jalsa karo......Saru move thai jav pachi post kar jo Daakuji. Me karela ni navi recipe banvi chhe pan hu tamri recipe ni rah jovu chhu. Daakuji tamru naam to kaho ke pachhi sachha daaku j chho.

Thanks for your nice words my friend. Take care.:)))

Kajal said...

Hi Urvish,

Thanks for your beautiful words.
Your suggestion is very nice about Surti Papdi but Papdi is not available in market. In winter I definitely post two-three recipe of Surti papadi. Every body is interested in your blog. Nice name of your blog. I visit your blog as soon as possible just wait for only two day.

Keep in touch.
Good day and Take Care.:))

Kajal said...

Hello Padma,

WOW....nice gujarti words.........Your try is very good. Thanks for your excellent words.


Kajal said...

Hello Arts,

Thanks for your nice appreciation my dear. I am also keeping in touch with you. Really feel very nice after read your lovely comment.

Keep Smile and Take Care.:-)

Kajal said...


Yes, I cook for you my dear but you come here for taste.
Thanks for your lovely words :-)

Kajal said...

Hello Sushma,

Thanks for lovely words....Always well come for my new gujarti recipe.

Good day :-)

Kajal said...

Hi Padma,

Garlic paste recipe I post in my blog you see in side bar menu. It is very simple you mix red chilli powder, cumin seeds (optional) and garlic pieces and mash by hand or grinder.

Kajal said...

Hi Manasi,

Thanks for your kind words my dear.
Have a nice day.:)))

Kajal said...

Hello Tarika,

ha ha know about this. Perfect guess......if possible then I send this beautiful sweet for you and your daughter. I miss you my dear. Love your lovely words. Really I am very happy to see your comment.

Have a nice day and take care.:))

Foodie said...

Long time no see.
Loved you stuffed bhindi. Wow, Moma pani avi gayu. Uni Uni rotli ne bharela bhinda nu shaak. I also like the Karela sabji when it's raining. And I have no words for the Amrit pak. I am drooling over the pictures. How is your mom doing now?

Kajal said...

Hi Pintoo,

Oh sorry my dear.......My mom is feeling better. Thanks for your nice words. I am definitely try to keep in touch.

Good Day and Take Care.:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kajal,

I tried bharwan bhendi today... it turned out to be very delicious...It was a hit with my family...Thanks a lot for the recipe :)

Modi I made: I din't have cumin-cori added kitchen king masala instead... also added a few tsp of curds towards the end to cut down on the oil...


Kajal said...

Hi Dev,

Thanks for your nice comment.

This is very nice Modification as you added kitchen king masala and also use of curds. Thanks for sharing I will also try your modification. It’s taste batter when we use curds and nice aroma of spicy masala.

Good Day.:))

Tee said...

Hi Kajal!
I tried out your bharva bhindi for lunch today and both my husband and me loved it! This sure is a keeper recipe...thanks! :)

Kajal said...

Hi Tee,

Thanks for your wonderful words. I am really very happy when some one try my recipe and after that comment me.

Good Day:-)

Anonymous said...


I tried the Bhindi recipt today and we loved it.


pooja said...

I can say only one word about you gre8888888888.

naina said...

tamne aachi sabji batayi mare assi lagi tamari saag

raj said...

Thanks for nice Recipes,
That Sweet name it "Topra Pak"(Coconut Burfi)

farah said...

hi kajal,i m new here ..tried your stuff bhendi,it turned out to be just awesome,thanks a lot dear...happy cooking..


farah said...

Hi Kajal,
I m new here..well tried your stuffed bhendi and just loved it,thanks!!

happy cooking


poonam k faridi said...

Dear Kajal

been a long time m searching for a gud recipe of stuff bhindi n eurekkka i got it...thanks dear

shalini said...

Hi Kajal,

I tried the Bharwa Bhindi last week when some guests were coming for lunch.

Every one liked it a lot .


Sanctified Spaces said...

I tried your bharwan bindi.It came out well.Thank you for the step by step recipe.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot! tried at my place . Really tastes good !my mom-in law liked a lot......

Web design company said...

What a delicious food and i like bharwa bhindi's. Thanks for sharing this step by step recipe.

jimmy said...

toper pak


shalini said...

hello Kajal,
i loved this recipe. i made it for lunch today and a friends who usually goes 'eww! slimy' polished off 6 pieces and has asked for me to make some more next time as well :) thanks :)

rajan said...

Dear Mamji,
i m very thankful to yourgoodselfji ,aap no khubjjj abhaarji,ek vinanti chhe ke Sri Thakorji mate -MESUB banavanu sikhvu chee ,would like to learn how to make -Mesub-Maysore Pak ,please make a post for this recipe if possible and also mail me if possible on ,also i write God's blogs on ITIMEs-rarajanpitblogs in general category.
thanks a lot please help all with these so good gujrati recipes

Felicia said...

wow Kajal u r gr8.I tried the stuffed bhindi and it came out really good.Keep it up.

In fact i saw this blog just yesterday.cheers

Felicia said...

wow Kajal u r gr8.I tried the stuffed bhindi and it came out really good.Keep it up.

In fact i saw this blog just yesterday.cheers

Pooja said...

Hi Kajal,

Am Bhindi Fan, since many days was looking for this receipe got it from your blog...will try it really looking forward to this dish..will update once tried..thanks a ton..also do u have any receipe on karela and brinjol pl post that as well..

Pooja said...

I loved your receipe and waiting go home from office and try it out, will update you once i get feedback from family...also request you to post karela and brinjol receipe incase you have...thanks a ton dear....:)

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