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Amarat Paak/ Rava Paak...Celebration of Raksha Bandhan

This is not Coconut burfi....... Amrat Paak is Gujarati name. It is also called by Rava Paak or Suji Paak

Raksha Bandhan, a day to celebrate the wonderful bond between a brother and sister. A bond that is pure and special as nature itself.

Raksha Bandhan is known by various names: Vish Tarak-the destroyer of venom, Punya Paradayak-the bestower of boons, and Pap Nashak-the destroyee of sins.

According to the Hindu legend Indra's Wife Sachi was the first woman to intiate a bond of protection (raksha). So on a symbolic note the Rakhi is also a talisman ensuring protection of the righteousness from the forces of evil.

Rani Karnavati of Chittor sent a rakhi to the Mughal Emperor Humayun when she was threatened by Bahadur Shah of Mewar. Humayun Abandoned an ongoing militrary campaign to ride to her rescue.

When Bengal was partitioned in 1905 Rabindranath Tagore used the occasion of Rakasha Bandhan as a community festival and gave a call to tie a rakhi amongst all Hindus and Muslims so as to maintain peace and harmony between the communities and spread the nationalist spirit among people from different ethnic backgrounds.

Down south, Rakhi Purnma is known as Avani Attam or Upakarman and is an auspicious day for Brahmins who change their holy thread (Janeyu). There is a similar kind of celebration in Nepal called Janai Purnima when men of the higher caste change their sacred thread (Janai) While a red or yellow protection cord (a raksya bandhan) is tied around the wrists of other people.

A group of women from the Brahmakumari sect tied rakhis on the wrists of Pakistani prisoners in Chandigarh's Central Jail during a special function (2006) organised by jail authorities.

In Central India, Especially Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh, Rakhi Purnima is also called Kajri Navami when wheat or barley is sown. It is a day of relevance to farmers.

Better known as Nariyal Purnima or coconut Full Moon festival by people living in the coastal area especially Konkan, an offering of a coconut (nariyal) is made to the sea that marks the beginning of the fishing season.

Considered to be the world's largest rakhi-50m long and weighing 15kg was in 2005 tied around a neem tree in Lucknow's Prince of Wales Zoological Gardens with the aim to raise awareness about conservation and environmental protection

Edit my post after reading magazine Btw. This is information from BTW Mag.:)

So lunch is ready my dear friend....what is new in this plate?

In this plate my father gives lots of love. Today is holiday of Raksha Bandhan and I check the student paper in the morning so my papa cooks the Potato-Cabbage curry, Kadhi and Rice. I only made Roti. My papa always helps me when I need. So this whole plate is for my mom, me and my grandmother only. My papa was cook but he is not take lunch with us because he was going outside for one social function. My mom is not well so my papa is always helping me in kitchen. I have no words for my great papa.:))

2 cup semolina (Rava / Suji)
2 cup sugar
1 cup ghee
1 cup mava
1 cup dry grated coconut
Water for making sugar syrup
Almond, kishmish and cashewnuts as you like…

Step 1: Grated the mava and keep it aside.

Step 2: Heat the ghee in a deep pan in low flame.

Step 3: Add suji in hot ghee on low flame.

Step 4: Fry the suji until it turns light brown in color. Also ghee appears in top of the suji.

Step 5: Turn off the flame and add grated mava in it.

Step 6: Mix well with suji and keep aside.

Step 7: Take a small pan and add sugar and water in it.

Step 8: Turn on the flame and heat this sugar mixer until they are bubbling.

Step 9: When bubbling is stop and this mixer becomes slightly thick then turn of the flame.
Step 10: Let it cool for 3-4 minutes.
Step 11: After that add this sugar syrup into the prepare suji material.

Step 12: Mix the half of dry grated coconut in it.
Step 13: Mix well and spared it in big size flat dish.

Step 14: Decorated with half of coconut powder.

Step 15: After 5 minutes of cooling cut into square shape.
Step 16: Put one almond over each of piece.

Step 17: When it is totally cool then place it in container.


Vcuisine said...

Somehow coconut is added here Kajal. So I am Correct? Nice recipes and your papa is so nice. Viji

Latha Narasimhan said...

Nice recipe kajal! Happy Raksha bandan! All pictures are so beautiful!

Saju said...

Beautiful paak, so yummy looking, I feel like making some right now.
Your father is a star, such a nice person.

Arts said...

This looks mind blowing! :)Wish I could grab some from that plate!!
Thanks for sharing Kajal..
Happy RakshaBandhan to u!

Kajal said...

Hi Viji,

Yes my dear you are correct about guess. You are very quick just post and you comment. Really I like your heart touch words. Thanks a lot!!!!!!

Kajal said...

Hello Latha Narasimhan,

Happy Raksha Bandan my dear friend!!
Thanks for your beautiful words.


Kajal said...

Hi Saju,
Thanks thanks thanks for really your great words.

Yes my father is very simple person but every one like around him. They always give smile to every one.

Good day and Take care.:))

Kajal said...

Hello Arts,

Thanks a lot!!!!!!

If possible then I definitely send it to you...........Happy RakshaBandhan!!!!!

Asha said...

Enjoy Raksha Bandhan Kajal!:))
Rava Pak is almost Mysore pak without cocnut.Looks delicious.Thanks always for the step by step photos.Enjoy daddy's girl!:))

Sharmi said...

Kajal, happy raksha bandhan to you too. lovely and delicious sweet. how is your mom now? what happened to her? please email me.

Laksh said...

Happy Rakshabandhan Kajal. And that paak looks very inviting. Saras che!

Lakshmi said...

Sorry just came back to say the previous comment got published when my son was playing with the keyboard.

bee said...

kajal, i tried your kadhi two days ago and it turned out very well. thank you.

TBC said...

Happy Rakshabandhan!Rava Paak looks very nice.I did think they were coconut burfis.
Beautiful pics!

Hyderabadi's said...

Yummy sweet...Will try it very soon
Happy RakshaBandan...

Laavanya said...

Wow Kajal, Rava pak looks really good and you've demonstrated it so clearly. I'll try this for Diwali this time.

Manasi said...

hi Kajal, Looks TOO GOOD!!
Hope ur mom feels well soon.

Dipti said...

Dear kajal,
Wish U a Very happy rakshabandhan!!!
Mithai looks vrey delicious!!!

l_0oio0_l said...

kajalji... baav aj bhaavbhini post che aa .... raksha bandhan is one of my fav festivals.....probably coz i dont have a real sis who will tie a rakhi every year....lol....but yeah ....whichever cousin remembers every year sends rakhi....and i keep my rakhi tied until dushera......

but yeah aa tame magazine ma thi j info ahiya lakhi ee baav aj saras che ...maja padi gai ....and then end ma your dad made lunch!!! awesome awesome!!!!!

swapna susarla said...

Hi kajal
The sweet looks lovely and yummy!!!thanku for the info on raksha bandhan.Today in the morning i too tied a rakhi to my brother who is staying very near by to me!!!
U have a lovely dad kajal!!

Padma said...

Wow Kajal what a nice recipe it is really! I liked it so much and thanks for the step by step info....Nice photos and Happy Rakshabandhan to you too!

Richa said...

rava paak joeeney modha ma pani aavey che, maney ek dabbo apish?
su thayu tari mummy ne? hope she feels better. take care, i'm sure tu barabar seva karey che.

Anonymous said...

hi kajal,

rava pak looks great, i wanted to try this but i being in australia i will not get mawa, is there any chance that not using this mawa can i make this pak. pls reply

Lia said...

wonderful! i love the way u made preparation, i dont like much sweets but i guest urs its delicious :D

bhags said...

The step by step pics are good, and the paak looks so yummy....happy rakshabandhan...your father is a star

zobars said...

Hi Kajal, I miss the thabadi from India do you think you can find a recipe for that. I made it once using Tarla Dalal's milk cake recipe and it turned out well. That Rawa paak looks so easy to make.

Cynthia said...

Dearest Kajal, your brought a tear to my eye as you spoke a out your love for your Papa. You are so blessed as well as your mama and granda ma.

Thanks for sharing a little of then story behind this celebration and for the step by step pics of the rava paak. I have bookmarked it to try.


Tarika said...

Rava pak to bav srars dekhay chhe.Jaldi jaldi khava aavvu padshe.

Shankari said...

it looks so mouthwatering Kajal.

Amrita said...

Wow! loved the way u celebrated raksha bandhan and thanks for that lovely recipe...and those factoids u put up with reference to the festival made a great read..

ushaprashanth said...

Hi kajal!!!!!
How are you? Its been a long time since i saw your blog! sorry ! btw the sweet looks absolutely deliccious! what is mava? and your papa is great !

Sia said...

wonderful post kajal. loved reading abt raksha bandhan. and that rava paak did look like coconut sweet.

Mamatha said...

First time here. Very nice blog with yummy recipes and lots of information.
Rava pak looks delicious, initiall I thought coconut burfi,
Happy Rakshabandhan

Rama said...

Hi Kajal,

I luv ur receipes.
I am an IT Professional.
But every weekend I make a point to learn one new receipe for my two kids Ektha and Deep.

Hubby enjoys too...........:)

Thanks a lot.

Take Care

Vcuisine said...

Hi Kajal, how are you doing. Could not see you around in blogs. Hope everything is fine at your end. Take care and keep in touch. Miss you. Viji

Kajal said...

Hi Asha,

Thanks for your lovely words my dear. I am always happy when I see your kind words.

Have a nice weekend.:)

Kajal said...

Hello Sharmi,

Thanks for your kind words my dear. Two people on bike (like scooter) were thrown my mom when she is coming from market and my mom spine is injured so doctor advice completely bad rest. She is feeling better now and my papa is always helping me so I am feeling very comfortable.

Have a nice weekend and Take Care.:)

Kajal said...

Hi Laksh,

WOW.....Thanks for you nice words. Are u gujarati? Saras chhe tamar shabdo.

Good day.:)))

Kajal said...

Hey Lakshami,

Don’t worry my dear.....I am glad to see your comment. Give my regards to your son:)

Kajal said...

Helloooooooooooooo Bee,

I am very happy to see your lovely words my dear.

Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kajal said...

Hiiiiiiiii TBC,

Thanks for cute words.
Enjoy your weekend.........:-)

Kajal said...

Hi Hyderabadi’s,

Try and send it to me also.......this is my fav sweet.:)


Kajal said...

Hellooooo Laavanya,

Yes this is perfect sweet for Diwali. Thanks for your nice words.

Take Care and Good day.:-)

Kajal said...

Hi Manasi,

Yes my mom feeling good.
Thanks my dear.
Good day :-)

Kajal said...

Hello Dipti,

Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!
Happy Weekend.:-)

Kajal said...

Hi Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaakuji,

Don’t worries I also have no real brother but my cousin brother is my real brother. My cousin brother is very sensitive especially for me..........we love very much. Thanks for your very nice words. You tied your rakhi until dushera is very nice.

Enjoy weekend in your new house with lots of fun :-)

Kajal said...

Hello Swapna Susarla,

Thanks for your heart touch words my dear. You are lucky because you live near to your brother.

Happy Weekend :-)

Kajal said...

Hi Padma,

Thanks for your gorgeous words.
Happy weekend.:)

Kajal said...

Hellooooo RICHA,

Tan eek nahi pan be dabba apish....pan tare leva avu pad she Rava paak.

Mummy market thi avata hata to bike par be chokrav hata tene takker mari didhi ane padi gaya chhe. X-ray karvi ya to spine na madaka ma vagi gagu chhe to complete rest kar vano chhe. To post mate time nathi madto ane comment kari nathi sakti. Pan yaad jarur kari lav chhu badha ne.

Thanks for your polite words.
Good day.:)

Kajal said...

Hi Anonymous,

Thanks for your nice words. If mava is not available at Australia then you make without mava in same procedure. It’s also turns better my dear and if you like then you add more dry coconut powder and also add crush Cashewnut and Almond powder in it.

Take Care and Have a nice weekend.:)

Kajal said...

Hello Lia,

Thanks my dear for your polite words.

Good day.:)

Kajal said...

Hello Bhags,

Thanks for your nice words especially for my father.


Kajal said...

Hi Zobars,

Yes, I also like Thabadi my dear sometime I will post original recipe of thabadi.

Thanks a lot for remind me thabadi.

Kajal said...

Hi Cynthia,

Oh my dear........your words are great I feel the feeling when you read about my father.

You are very sensitive and charming person. Thanks for real heart touch emotion.:)

In this words very few people as like you. Happy Weekend.:)

Kajal said...

Helloooooooooooooooo TARIKA...............You are most well come. Any time any where...........Thanks for you delightful and sweet words.

Happy weekend :-)

Kajal said...

Hi Shankari,

Thanks a lot!!!!!!
Have a nice day.:-)

Kajal said...

Hello Amrita,

Thanks for you nice words. Keep in touch.

Have a nice day.:)

Kajal said...

Hi Ushaprashanth,

I also say sorry my dear I am not visit your blog also. How are you and your daughter? Give my regards to your Daughter.

Mava is made by milk. It is easily available at Indian grocery store. In mava two type of variety one is sweet mava and other is simple mava I use simple mava here.

Thanks for your lovely words.
Take Care and Good day.:)

Kajal said...

Hello Sia,

Thanks for your beautiful words. I always love your blog design....Happy weekend.:)

Kajal said...

Hi Mamatha,

Thanks for visiting my blog and write lovely message here.


Happy weekend.:)

Kajal said...

Hi Rama,

Thanks for your lovely words.
Give my love to your sweet kids Ektha and Deep.

I think in your IT professional you have not much time and you give time especially for me. Thank a lot!!!!!!!!!

Good Day and Take Care.:)

Kajal said...

Hi Viji,

Don’t worry my dear I am fine. Actually my mom is not well so I have less time for blog. But now she is feeling better so I am trying keep in touch.

What a coincidence my dear you first to comment me and I am end with your nice comment. I like it very much. Love You and Take Care.:)

SHUBHA said...

hey kajal thnx for ur compliments....:) hey do u have the recipe for dabeli...iam looking for it... my hubby loves it..:).. do check my blog for new updates..

Kajal said...

Hi Shubha,

I am sure visit your blog and not say thanks for compliments my dear…I will post dabeli recipe but give me time my dear :-)

Vilasini said...

hallo kajal!!!
i saw your sweet and look very nice.
I want to try it.
but what is actually "mava"?
I looked in other posts, and you say it's condensed milk. Here condensed milk is creamy not so solid that one can grate it.
Can you please help me?

I love indian sweets!!!!

Viren said...

In India people do celebrate this Rakhi Festival with all fun along-with all family members. Yes,

even stars also celebrate this festival in their own way. And people who are not in India, they send rakhi to india to their brothers and rakhi gifts to india to their loved ones.

bhanuprakash98 said...

What a blog, What a recipe And finally What a great chef ......

Great kajal.... Keep it going loved all recipes of this blog

I have just seen recipes, i m gonna make pizza at home:)

Anonymous said...

My Rava pak Didnt comes out like yours..i ended up with rava panjiri only. I follow each and every step of your recipe. Please tell me where i was wrong and is there any chance to convert this Rava panjiri to Rava Pak ??