Saturday, September 1, 2007

Vagharelo Rotalo

Orignal Village dish

One big size Rotalo
One big size finely chopped onion
1-tbsp garlic paste
1\2-tbsp turmeric powder
3-cup butter milk
2-tbsp oil
Salt to taste

Step 1: Make very small pieces of rotala almost look like flour. This can be done in two ways. Either tears the rotalo into small pieces and grinds them in to the grinder or food processor or you keep rubbing the pieces of rotala between your palms to crush it into very small pieces. I make this by my palms.

Step 2: Heat the oil in a pan in law flame and add garlic paste in it.

Step 3: Add finely chopped onion and turmeric powder in it and cook until they are golden brown.
Step 4: After that add 3-cup butter milk and salt to taste.

Step 5: Cook in high flame until the butter milk is bubbling.

Step 6: After that turn the flame low and add prepared material of Rotala in it.

Step 7: Stirring continuously and cook until they become like thick gravy.

Step 8: Turn off the flame and garnish with coriander leaves.
Note: Always serve hot. You also make same dish with use Roti.

Next Coming for Gokulastami................
KRISHNA, one of the avatars of Vishnu is the most glamorous and talked-of character in Indian mythology


Roopa said...

thats a very new dish to me! looks lovely!

Apple said...

Lovely recipe Kajal...appears to be so delicious..thanks for sharing these village delicaies

Padma said...

That looks so lovely Kajal and I like the jowar ki roti, so healthy and delicious, thanks for sharing

Rajitha said...

this is such a different way to use the left-over rotis or the dough you have to make something new! thanks for sharing

Kajal said...

Hi Roopa,

Thanks a lot my dear.

Kajal said...

Hello Apple,

This is very lovely words from charming person.
Thanks for that.:)

Kajal said...

Hi Padma,

I also like Jowar ki Roti in cold days. Thanks my dear.......:)

Kajal said...

Hey Rajitha,

Thanks for your nice words. I am so glad to see your nice comment.
Have a nice day.:)

Vcuisine said...

This is totally new for me Kajal. Love your presentation as usua. such a nice photo of Krishna. Hope your mom is fine now. Take care. Viji

musical said...

Hey Kajal,

Thats a really innovative recipe! I sometimes have had the sabzi made from left over rotis, but this one is really different! And thats such a lovely Krishna picture:).

Have a great weekend,

Arts said...

We make something similar using stale bhakri (thats same as rotla!) but do not add buttermilk.. loved ur version!

SeeC said...

As usual Kajal Looks awesome.
Wanna try it

Kajal said...

Hi Viji,

Thank you my dear. My mom is fine. She is feeling better as days go on.

Good day.:)

Kajal said...

Hi Musical,

How you make sabzi from left rotis? We made one subzi from left rotis without buttuermilk. Thanks for your lovely words my dear.:)

Good Day.:-)

Kajal said...

Hello Arts,

Oh....I will also try from left of bhakri with out buttermilk.

Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!

Kajal said...

Hey Seec,
Thanks my dear.
Have a nice day and TC:-)