Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Triangle Paratha or Indian Bread

3 cup whole wheat flour
2-tbsp oil
1 cup warm milk
2 tbsp cumin seeds
Salt to taste

Step 1: In a deep bowl, mix the flour with cumin seeds, salt and oil.

Step 2: Add milk and required quantity of water for knead the smooth dough. Rub oil over. Keep it covered for at least half hour.

Step 3: Make a small lemon size boll and dust in flour.

Step 4: Roll up this boll up to 3” diameter and sprinkle the flour over the small roti.

Step 5: Fold into triangle shape.

Step 6: Roll out again such that the triangular shape is maintained.

Step 7: Heat the flat pan and place the paratha in low flame.

Step 8: Let it cook for a minute and after that turn another side.

Step 9: When it starts to get small bubbles then add small tbsp oil around the paratha.

Step 10: Turn the flame medium and cook until the brown spots appear on both sides.

Step 11: Keep it in a covered box.

Step 12: Serve hot with tomato with sev curry.

This is my contribution for MBP(Monthly Blog Patrol) event announce by Coffee.
I made this triangular parathas from one of my best Gujarati Blog friend, Pooja.


Nags said...

wow! urs have actually come out in trianglaes, perfect ones! lovely..

and like bee (of jugalbandi) says, "great minds think alike" ;)

Roopa said...

just perfect parathas :)! simple and good presentation as ever!

Asha said...

Hi Kajal, I love these Triangle parathas too.Looks great!
Yesterday I made something from your blog too, but finding that was hard. Create a recipe Index or put a monthly recipes column on the side bar so we can find the recipes quickly!:))
I will post in Aroma today!

musical said...

Cool paranthas! i often make these for my friends' kids, they love this shape!

Sharmi said...

thats a clever entry:) parathas rock.

Kajal said...

Hi Nags,

Thanks for your gorgeous words.

Kajal said...

Hey Roopa,

Your words are nice and good my dear. Good day.:)))

Kajal said...

Hi Asha,

Thanks for your nice words my dear. In my side bar one column for Archives in this column month wish recipe index. So you click on month than you get the recipe.

Good day.:)))

Kajal said...

Hello Musical,

Thank you for your lovely words. When you made for me my dear? Just kidding........:)

Kajal said...

Hey Sharmi,

Thanks for your cute and handsome words.:)

bhags said...

wonderful parathas my dear, such a huge heap of them....

Laavanya said...

Good looking parathas Kajal - as always.. perfectly made. My dad used to roll them out like this but he used to spread some oil or ghee on the paratha before folding. Used to love the layers it had and the soft, fluffiness.

Padma said...

What can I say after looking at that big pile of parathas...simply superb dear!

Asha said...

Hey Kajal, go here and choose Search Widget to install in your blog if you like. All I have to do is type Paratha and I will get your Paratha instead searching the whole month every time! Hope you will!:))


Apple said...

Lovely parathas Kajal...Perfect traingles...Great entry..

Cynthia said...

Kajal, I was now saying that I would make these for coffee's event only to see that you have done so too. You got yours from Pooja and I was going to get mine from you (lol). Have to keep searching and hope I can make something in time for this weekend's post.

Nevertheless, I've bookmarked your step by step process to make these.

Kajal said...

Hi Bhags,

Thanks a lottttttttttttttt........
Enjoy your day.:)

Kajal said...

Hello Laavanya,

Yes you are right but I avoid to use more oil so I don’t spread the oil over the paratha before folding but I use milk for making dough so it’s become soft. Thank you.:))

Kajal said...

Hiiiiiiiii Padma,

Your words are superb my dear. Thanks for your lovely words.:)

Kajal said...

Hello Apple,

Thank for your cute and nice words.
Have a great day.:)))

Kajal said...

Hello Cynthia,

Coffee is big surprise about this cumin paratha. I am waiting for your lovely parathas. Thanks for your lovely words.:)))

TBC said...

They look very nice, Kajal:-)

Kajal said...


Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Good day.:)))

ushaprashanth said...

Hi kajal!
Parathas are great!!!!!!

Kajal said...

Helloooooooooooo Ushaprahanth,
Thanks my dear for your lovely words.:)

Vcuisine said...

Triangle Parathas are looking great Pooja. They are perfect as usual. Viji

Bhavani said...

Hi Kajal,
Nice blog. I wud like to know, what are the vegetables that goes well with meeta daal?
One more suggestion, it wud be easy to navigate, if the blog was organized.

Thank u...

Chitra said...

Hi kajal,
I love yr recipes.Tried yr chole recipe.came out wonderful.You have not added ginger or garlic but in the picture,there are some garlic or ginger peices with tomato and onion,so that is confusing.Could u pls tell me if we need to add ginger or garlic.

Kajal said...

Hi Chitra,

First of all thank you for your nice comment on my blog and your suggestion on my chole Bhaure post. I edited my post as your comment.

Thank you dear.

Have a great day!!!


farnaz said...

i love ur recipes kajal