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Angoori Basundi for celebration of Janmashtami

Today is Gokulastami also known as Janamastami.....

The festival of Krishna Janamastami is the celebration of Lord Krishna's birthday. Krishna, the eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu, is a unique character in Hindu mythology. He was naughty in his childhood days, romantic as a young man, and proved to be a profound philosopher in his adulthood as illustrated by the Bhagwat Geeta.

The birthday of Krishna falls on the Astami of Krishna Paksh (the eighth day of the dark fortnight) in the month of Bhado (August-September), eight days after Raksha Bandhan. .

The Story of Krishna Birth...

Mother Earth, unable to bear the burden of sins committed by evil kings and rulers, appealed to Brahma, the Creator for help. Brahma prayed to the Supreme Lord Vishnu, who assured him that he would soon be born on earth to annihilate tyrannical forces.

One such evil force was Kamsa, the ruler of Mathura (in northern India, now in Uttar Pradesh state) and his people were utterly terrified of him. On the day Kamsa's sister Devaki was married off to Vasudeva, an akashvani or voice from the sky was heard prophesying that Devaki's 8th son would be the destroyer of Kamsa. The frightened Kamsa immediately unsheathed his sword to kill his sister but Vasudeva intervened and implored Kamsa to spare his bride, and promised to hand over every new born child to him. Kamsa relented but imprisoned both Devaki and her husband Vasudeva.

When Devaki gave birth to her first child, Kamsa came to the prison cell and slaughtered the newborn. In this way, he killed the first six sons of Devaki. Even before her 8th child was born, Devaki and Vasudeva started lamenting its fate and theirs. Then suddenly Lord Vishnu appeared before them and said he himself was coming to rescue them and the people of Mathura. He asked Vasudeva to carry him to the house of his friend, the cowherd chief Nanda in Gokula right after his birth, where Nanda's wife Yashoda had given birth to a daughter. He was to exchange his boy and bring Yashoda's baby daughter back to the prison. Vishnu assured them that "nothing shall bar your path".

At midnight on ashtami, the divine baby was born in Kamsa's prison. Remembering the divine instructions, Vasudeva clasped the child to his bosom and started for Gokula, but found that his legs were in chains. He jerked his legs and was unfettered! The massive iron-barred doors unlocked and opened up.

While crossing river Yamuna, Vasudeva held his baby high over his head. The rain fell in torrents and the river was in spate. But the water made way for Vasudeva and miraculously a five-mouthed snake followed him from behind and provided shelter over the baby.

When Vasudeva reached Gokula, he found the door of Nanda's house open. He exchanged the babies and hurried back to the prison of Kamsa with the baby girl. Early in the morning, all the people at Gokula rejoiced the birth of Nanda's beautiful male child. Vasudeva came back to Mathura and as he entered, the doors of the prison closed themselves.

When Kamsa came to know about the birth, he rushed inside the prison and tried to kill the baby. But this times it skipped from his hand and reaching the sky. She was transformed into the goddess Yogamaya, who told Kansa: "O foolish! What will you get by killing me? Your nemesis is already born somewhere else."

Krishna is also known to be a very mischievous child who annoyed Yashoda (Nanda's Wife) Maiyya (mother) a lot….."Maiya Mori Main nahi makhan khayo” …………..

It describes the excuses which Krishna gives to his mother yashoda explaining that he was not responsible for stealing of the butter from the gopikaas.

Vishnu (Krishna), with one hand [His left one] Govardhana hill and held it up.

Amorous and mischievous acts as Raas-Lila of Krishna………. Among all the gopikaas, one Radha was special to Krishna.

The moon is believed to be the brightest due to the angle of the earth and the sun. It is also said in the religious books that the God Krishna and Goddess Radha came out from their temple on this night to play Raas (a stick dance) in Nathdwara, Rajasthan, India. Following the tradition, every year millions of couples come out at night to face the fullest and brightest moon, with a view to improve their love. As the Taj Mahal is regarded as a love symbol, thousand of couples pilgrim to the Taj to see the marble monument shining in moonlight by the river Yamuna. This event is very similar to Valentine's Day

In his youth Krishna killed Kansa along with all his cruel associates, liberated his parents from prison, and reinstated Ugrasen as the King of Mathura.

He killed Kamsa, and then settled in Dwaraka( in Gujarat State) along with his brother Balarama and learnt the traditional arts of fighting including archery. He arbitrated in the fight between the Pandavas and Kauravas in Mahabharata.

Krishna instructs Arjuna during the war of Mahabharata.

During the war he is well known for his monologue to Arjuna on the battlefield, which is together termed as the Bhagvad Gita.

God, Lord Krishna. City, Dwaraka (in Gujarat State) known as Krishna’s Dhaam ... (Close up view of the 2000 year old temple tower)

The entrance to Dwaraka temple complex

Janmashtami/ Srijayanthi is on 4 september. So this is sweet for 4th September…...

This is my contribution for the event for-srijayanthi-janmashtami. This is very nice event my all blog friend request to be participate this event and make successful for Lath Narasimhan event…Dead line for this event is extended up to 10th September.

2 lt Milk
2-cup sugar
1\2-tbsp cardamoms powder
Little chopped cashwnuts, almonds
A few saffron threads
I use readymade Angoori………

Step 1: Apply the ghee on surface of deep pan in which we boil the milk.

Step 2: Boil 2 lt milk in pan, Stirring Occasionally.

Step 3: Reduce heat and cook till milk reduces to two-third of its volume.
Step 4: Add chopped cashwnuts, almonds and cardamoms powder in it and take this in another pan. This is Ready our Basundi. If you like then serve after cooling as it is.Step 5: Softly press the angoori so its sugar syrup is absent and add this in ready Basundi. Cool and refrigerate for 5-6 Hours.
Step 6: Serve chilled and garnished with saffron threads.


Arts said...

Now this looks awesome :D
nice janmashtmi story n pics as well..
great enrty!

Lakshmi said...

Hi Kajal, Now what is angoori? I am sorry I don't know about this.

Laavanya said...

Kajal, i'll show this page when I tell this story to my daughter. Thanks. The Basundhi looks very nice... i don't think we get 'angoori' here though.. Are those like rossagulla balls?

Rajitha said...

looks delicious kajal.. very nice!

Pooja said...

Are Wah !
this looks awesome !
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i loved the pics of krishna , thanks for sharing, a good post of janamashtmi.

Asha said...

Beautiful pics Kajal:)

Coffee said...

Mane thayu ke te angoor ghare banavya! Tane aavde che ghare banavta?? To mukje jaroor thi. :)

Bahuj saras post lakhyu che te. :)

Latha Narasimhan said...

Tasty recipe! It is also called rasmalai! Please do mail me the picture and URL!
All the pictures on krishna are great!
Kajal dear I am not able ton get to your blog when I click on your name ! can you please check. I came through FBD now.

TBC said...

Very informative post with nice pics. I like your new header, Kajal. Looks good.

Padma said...

WOw Kajal that is cool, wish I had a recipe for angoori too! Happy Janmashtami. Nice story of Shri Krishna...loved it thoroughly! and Nice entry too!

Dipti said...

hi kajal, Angoori basundi looks yummy!!!Wish u A Happy Janmastmi.

Manasi said...

LOVELY Angoori Basundi! I love this sweet! too bad we dont get these 'angoor' here :((
The new template is VERY nice!!!

ushaprashanth said...

Hi kajal!!!!!!
The pics are great!!!!!!!!! good entry for the event! sweet looks delicious!!! good work!

Suganya said...

Every time I come here, you rock with a different template. You go girl :)

Mansi Desai said...

Very nice representation of janmashtami in pictures!! beautiful!! wishing the same to all fellow bloggers too

A fitting entry to Latha's event:)

Kajal said...

Hi Arts,
Thanks for your lovely words my dear.....Good Day and TC:-))

Kajal said...

Hello Lakshmi,

This is mini version of Rasgulla nothing new my dear.......only name is new. This is very popular sweet dish name in Gujarat......You use big size of Rasgulla also.:)

Kajal said...

Hello Laavanya,

Yes, this is Rasgulla my dear nothing new.....This story is helpful to you than my work is worth for it. I like to tell this type of our religious story to children.

Thanks for your nice words my dear and give my love to your daughter:-)

Kajal said...

Hey Rajitha,

Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Kajal said...

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Really I feel very nice after long times you comment me........I miss your VTW-event. When I start my blog than I first time participate in your event. I remember on this 15th-Aug your Independence Day celebration....I miss you on blog my dear.....Have a nice day and Take Care:-)

Kajal said...

Hellooooooooooo Asha,

Thanks for nice words. Your words are as fine as you are.


Kajal said...

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Saru tari comment pan saras chhe my dear. Saru chal karek Rasgulla post karish.:)

Bye-4-noW.......Take Care :-)

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Happy Janmashtami........Thanks for your lovely words.:)))

Lia said...

beautiful story Padma! and the sweets really looks awesome, i'd like to try ;)

pria said...

A big treat with a sweet and history. Lovely.

Cynthia said...

This is so informative. Thank you, Kajal.

Kajal said...

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Priyanka said...

anguri basundi luks lovely Kaajal....btw, vagharelo rotlo bahu saras lage che...mein koi divas banavyo nohto ane khadho pan nohto...have chokkas banavish:) rava na ladva mane bahu game che pan nariyel nakhine-rava-kopra na ladva:)

Sharmi said...

This looks so awesome Kajal. I have bookmarked it. the name sound so sweet.

Kajal said...

Hi Priyanka,

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Kajal said...

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Vcuisine said...

Lovely and divine post Kajal. I know these are rasgullas. Correct? lovely recipe. Viji

SHUBHA said...

hey kajal a request..... please can u send me the recipe for gujrati khaman. i ate it once at my friend's place.... it was like powdered dhokla.... please give me the procedure for it.... need to make it for some guests...:)
thanx in advance dear..

Kajal said...

Sorryyyyyyyyyyyyy Viji,
Late to reply.........Thanks for your nice words and yes this is mini version of rasgullas my dear.:)

Kajal said...

Hi Shubha,

My dear I Mail you for your recipe request Khaman Dhokla. Please check the mail and if you have any problem than say me again I will surly help you. Sorry I am not post the recipe in my blog if possible then try to post but if you need for your guests instant then I mail you :-)

sangeetaskitchen said...

hiii kajal,,,

i tried ur basundi sweets it came out very welll.......pls do chk my blog....... 1 more thing can u tell me how i can get famous in this blog world....

Kajal said...

Hi Sangeeta,

If you are participate in different blog event (as you se I post so many recipe for events) than every body knows about your blog. When event round up is held than your entry see other people and they know about your blog. Second thing is you check other people blog and comment their. When any people comment you, you also check their blog and left your comment also. One Asha is my good friend in blog. She has two blog and very popular in our blog world. You just check my comment section she is always comment me and you left your comment on asha blog( http://foodieshope.blogspot.com/ ). So many people see your comment on asha blog’s. One blog of asha is only for event you just check out side bar of this blog….

Namrata Kini said...

Lovely basundi Kajal...I too made a basundi yesterday. Does the ghee prevent the milk from sticking to the bottom. Most of the times even after keeping on low flame milk sticks to the bottom while making such sweets. Excellent blog.

omsai said...

your blog is nice. keep it up. you can also visit my blog leelesh.blogspot.com

Sangu said...

hi kajal,

this is a great recipe. came out so well and everybody loved it. used rasagollas instead of the angoori.

thank you so much for posting.


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