Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Amarat Paak/ Rava Paak...Celebration of Raksha Bandhan

This is not Coconut burfi....... Amrat Paak is Gujarati name. It is also called by Rava Paak or Suji Paak

Raksha Bandhan, a day to celebrate the wonderful bond between a brother and sister. A bond that is pure and special as nature itself.

Raksha Bandhan is known by various names: Vish Tarak-the destroyer of venom, Punya Paradayak-the bestower of boons, and Pap Nashak-the destroyee of sins.

According to the Hindu legend Indra's Wife Sachi was the first woman to intiate a bond of protection (raksha). So on a symbolic note the Rakhi is also a talisman ensuring protection of the righteousness from the forces of evil.

Rani Karnavati of Chittor sent a rakhi to the Mughal Emperor Humayun when she was threatened by Bahadur Shah of Mewar. Humayun Abandoned an ongoing militrary campaign to ride to her rescue.

When Bengal was partitioned in 1905 Rabindranath Tagore used the occasion of Rakasha Bandhan as a community festival and gave a call to tie a rakhi amongst all Hindus and Muslims so as to maintain peace and harmony between the communities and spread the nationalist spirit among people from different ethnic backgrounds.

Down south, Rakhi Purnma is known as Avani Attam or Upakarman and is an auspicious day for Brahmins who change their holy thread (Janeyu). There is a similar kind of celebration in Nepal called Janai Purnima when men of the higher caste change their sacred thread (Janai) While a red or yellow protection cord (a raksya bandhan) is tied around the wrists of other people.

A group of women from the Brahmakumari sect tied rakhis on the wrists of Pakistani prisoners in Chandigarh's Central Jail during a special function (2006) organised by jail authorities.

In Central India, Especially Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh, Rakhi Purnima is also called Kajri Navami when wheat or barley is sown. It is a day of relevance to farmers.

Better known as Nariyal Purnima or coconut Full Moon festival by people living in the coastal area especially Konkan, an offering of a coconut (nariyal) is made to the sea that marks the beginning of the fishing season.

Considered to be the world's largest rakhi-50m long and weighing 15kg was in 2005 tied around a neem tree in Lucknow's Prince of Wales Zoological Gardens with the aim to raise awareness about conservation and environmental protection

Edit my post after reading magazine Btw. This is information from BTW Mag.:)

So lunch is ready my dear friend....what is new in this plate?

In this plate my father gives lots of love. Today is holiday of Raksha Bandhan and I check the student paper in the morning so my papa cooks the Potato-Cabbage curry, Kadhi and Rice. I only made Roti. My papa always helps me when I need. So this whole plate is for my mom, me and my grandmother only. My papa was cook but he is not take lunch with us because he was going outside for one social function. My mom is not well so my papa is always helping me in kitchen. I have no words for my great papa.:))

2 cup semolina (Rava / Suji)
2 cup sugar
1 cup ghee
1 cup mava
1 cup dry grated coconut
Water for making sugar syrup
Almond, kishmish and cashewnuts as you like…

Step 1: Grated the mava and keep it aside.

Step 2: Heat the ghee in a deep pan in low flame.

Step 3: Add suji in hot ghee on low flame.

Step 4: Fry the suji until it turns light brown in color. Also ghee appears in top of the suji.

Step 5: Turn off the flame and add grated mava in it.

Step 6: Mix well with suji and keep aside.

Step 7: Take a small pan and add sugar and water in it.

Step 8: Turn on the flame and heat this sugar mixer until they are bubbling.

Step 9: When bubbling is stop and this mixer becomes slightly thick then turn of the flame.
Step 10: Let it cool for 3-4 minutes.
Step 11: After that add this sugar syrup into the prepare suji material.

Step 12: Mix the half of dry grated coconut in it.
Step 13: Mix well and spared it in big size flat dish.

Step 14: Decorated with half of coconut powder.

Step 15: After 5 minutes of cooling cut into square shape.
Step 16: Put one almond over each of piece.

Step 17: When it is totally cool then place it in container.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Bharwa Bhindi (Bharela Bhinda / Stuffed Okra)

An all-time favourite of Bhindis stuffed with lip-smacking spices.

This lovely dish for Laavanya…..........................................................

She was request me give gujarti recipe for stuffed Bhindi…..so Laavanya this is for you my dear…..Enjoy original Gujju dish…So I request to all my friend if you request for gujarti dish and if possible for me than I will always try to complete your wish.

Laavnaya requested two recipes............second recipe I will post after some days my dear……Wait for that Laavanya.:)))


150 gm fresh bhindi
2-tbsp garlic paste
2-tbsp oil
1-tbsp mustard seeds
1-tbsp cumin seeds

Ingredients for filling:
5-tbsp besan flour
1-tbsp red chilli powder
1\2-tbsp turmeric powder
3-tbsp lemon juice
2-tbsp cumin+coriander powder
2-tbsp sesame seeds
1-tbsp oil
Salt to taste

* Mix all ingredients for filling.

Step 1: Wash the bhindi and dry with towel. Make long slits on the bhindi.

Step 2: Stuff the bhindi with the besan filling.

Step 3: Arrange the stuffed bhindi in a steamer plate.

Step 4: Steam this stuffed bhindi until they are soft approximately 10 minutes in medium flame.
Step 5: Heat the two tbsp oil in a flat pan and add mustard seeds and cumin seeds. When they begin to pop then add garlic paste in it.

Step 6: After that add stuffed bhindi in it gently.
Step 7: Turn the flame law and cook smoothly for 10 minutes so they become crispy.

Step 8: Add reaming filling mater in it. Mix well and cook in law flame.

Step 9: Cover the pan and turn off the flame after one minute. Place it in serving bowl.

Step 10: Serve hot with Roti, Rice and Dal.:)

Note: If you like then add garlic paste in filling material also.

In middle of Rain season this is picture of rain out side my home…..if rain is begin and any body serve this hot dish then I always feel like heaven…..

Next coming is something sweet for Raksha Bandhan. Any body says the name of this sweet dish?

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Orissa Kichdi

I made simple dish for orissa cuisine…this event is hosted by Swapna as lebel of RCI: Oriya…..Congrats Swapna for hosting and wait for you beautiful round up my dear….

1\2-cup rice,
1\2-cup green gram dal,
10-12 Resins,
4-5 Cashew nuts,
1 small piece of Ginger,
6 cm dry coconut part,
2-tbsp oil,
5-6 cinnamon,
1-2 cardamom,
1-long green chillie,
1-tbsp cumin seeds,
1\2-tbsp turmeric powder,
1-tbsp sugar,
3-cup water for cooking,
Salt to taste.

Step 1: Wash the dal and rice smoothly and keep it aside.

Step 2: Cut the dry coconut part in to long strip and cut cashew in to two parts.

Step 3: Finely chopped the green chillies in to round pieces and ginger small pieces.

Step 4: Heat the oil in cooker and fry the coconut pieces and cashew nut until golden brown. Keep it aside.

Step 5: Heat the oil and add the cumin seeds, cardmom and cinnamon pieces.

Step 6: After that add wash rice and dal in it. Also add 3-cup water for cooking.

Step 7: Place the chopped ginger, green chillie pieces, salt, turmeric powder, and sugar in it.Step 8: Mix well and after that add resins, fry cashew nuts and fry coconut pieces and cover the cooker with top.

Step 9: Pressure cook for three whistles. Two whistles on full flame and one in law flame so khichadi cook well.

Step 10: Place it in serving bowl.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Cumin and Onion Rice

Indira of Mahanandi started Jihva for ingredients in May 2006.

This is my contribution for Jihav For Rice event hosted by Sharmi.......…This log is really very attractive keep it up Sharmi…..

Think Spice...think Cumin......This is very nice event hosted by Sunita’s…….

This is my contribution for both event……

2-cup cooks rice,
1-cup finely long chopped onion,
3-tbsp cumin seeds,
2-tbsp oil,
3 Bayleaf,
Salt to taste,
Coriander leaves for garnish.

Step 1: Heat the oil in pan and add cumin seeds and bay leaf in it.

Step 2: Add finely chopped onion in it.

Step 3: Cook until they are transparent not golden brown. Sprinkle salt to taste.
Step 4: After that add cook rice in it and mix well.

Step 5: Cook in law flame for 2 minutes only. Divide the cooked rice into two portions.
Step 6: In the first portion mix the red chilli powder so the color should be red. And the second portion is white.
Step 7: Take bowl and place the wash coriander leaves. After that place the red chilli rice in bowl and finally add white rice portion and slightly press with spoon. So your dish is ready……………..

I pass this award to…..Trupti and Sharmi.Most of all blog friends are pass Award I am randomly say to my this two my friend because all are waraded….