Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Pani Puri

My favorite dish……….Ingredients for making Pani:
100gm mint leaves,
50gm coriander leaves,
1-pieces of ginger,
5-6 green chillies,
4-tbsp pani-puri masala,
1-tbsp kala namak,
2-tbsp lemon juice,
Salt to taste.

Method for making Pani:
Step 1: Crush the mint leaves, coriander leaves, ginger and green chillies in mixer.

Step 2: Drain and pour into a bigger pan.

Step 3: Mix pani puri masala, kala namak, lemon juice and salt to taste.

Step 4: Leave it in freeze for chilled.

Ingredients for making masala:
1-cup boiled chopped potatoes,
1-cup chopped onion,
1-cup boiled desi chana,
3-tbsp pani puri masala,
1\2-cup roasted ground nuts,
Salt to taste. Method for making Pani Puri:
Step 1: Spread pani-puri masala and salt over the chopped potatoes, deshi chann, chopped onion and roasted ground nuts.Step 2: Serve with chilled pani.

Step 3: Also use tamarind (imli) pani if you like it.


Anonymous said...

Always a croud pleaser. Ask any one he or she they like pani puri/pakodi/golgappa what ever you like to call. Nice job Kajal. Modhaa maa paani aave chhe.


Reena said...

golgappas are my favorite too. your step by step instructions are so good.

Shilpa. said...

You cook so often! I wish I had patience to make pani puri like yours, they look so light and crispy! :) but I'm very sure kala namak will be very hard to find here, or very very expensive!

Asha said...

Kajal,it's 9am and you are killing me with this!!:))

I wish I could have some right now.Looks delicious and it's pleasure to see these photos.Thanks:))

pria said...

Mouth watering girl... How can we miss them ...

Vinita said...

peanuts in paani puri?? interesting. shilpa black salt is easily available in indian grocery stores.

Dilip said...

First time here....great blog...must visit more often...thanks for sharing

Kajal said...

Hi Samir,
Thanks for lovely comment.
First to comment ..........like it.
Modhaa maa pani hou to puri hu mokalavi dav............


Kajal said...

Hi Reena,

Thanks for nice words.
Enjoy it.


Kajal said...

Hi Shilpa,
Thanks for lovely comment.
In India kala namak is very low cost and it is easy to find.
Thanks for this note.

Take Care.

Kajal said...

Hi Asha,
I killing with dish............That’s great.
Thank you for lovely words.


Kajal said...

Hi Pri,
Thanks for recall............. nice words.
Take Care.

Kajal said...

Hi Vinita,
Thanks for lovely comment.
In Jamnagar I see they use peanuts in paani puri and I like it very much. So I often use it if available. Thanks to say shilpa.

Take Care.:)

Kajal said...

Hi Dilip,

First of all well come to my blog.
Thanks for visiting and nice words from you.


Anh said...

Kajal, thanks for your lovely comment that leads me to your blog! I love it... Help me to discover more about Indian cuisine. :) I'll be back often.

Kajal said...

Hi Anh,
Thanks for pretty words.
Love you.

Sia's Corner said...

my god kajal...do u have any idea how tempting these pani poori looks:) girl, wish i was staying somewhere closer to u.

Sharmi said...

Hey Kajal, Simply mouth watering. thanks for showing the step wise pics. its my all time favorite. BTW your painting looks amazing too.:)

musical said...

Kajal, those gol-gappes look so tempting.....especially the mint-coriander pani, wow! i really feel like having that pani all by itself.

your recipes are always so detailed and full of instructions.....love them all!

Kajal said...

Hi Sia’s corner,
Yes you are closer to my blog is same as me.
Thanks for nice comment.
Keep In Touch.
Good day.:)

Kajal said...

Hi Sharmi,
Thanks for nice comment and encouraging me.
Nice day to see your comment.:)

Kajal said...

Hi Musical,
Thanks for lovely words.
It’s taken a time to prepare all this things but as all support than it is possible.
Love you.:)

Anonymous said...

can you give a workable recipe for making crispy puries,not easily available where i live