Thursday, April 26, 2007

Churmana ladoo

Favorite dish……………I made this for some one whom i pray for every day.:) “Ganesh” parshad on “Ganesh-Chaturthi”.
Churma Ladoo
2-cup wheat flour,
1-cup Soji,
1-cup bengal gram flour,
1\2-cup warm ghee,
1-cup warm water,
3-cup sugar powder,
1\4-cup chopped almonds,
1\4-cup chopped cashewnut,
1\4-cup kismis,
2-tbsp poppy seeds,
Ghee for frying.Method:
Step 1: All flour should be little thicker as compare to roti flour.
Step 2: mix all flour and add ghee in it.
Step 3: Add water as you need.
Step 4: Then make any desire shape of muthiya.
Step 5: Heat the ghee in fry pan.
Step 6: Fry all muthiya in ghee until they are golden brown.
Step 7: Make small part for cooling at room temperature.
Step 8: Finely crush this pieces in mixer.
Step 9: Then add sugar powder in it.
Step 10: Add chopped almond, cashewnut, kismis and mix well.
Step 11: Then add ghee as you required.
Step 12: Make ludoos out of this and decorate with poppey seeds.


Vinita said...

wow kajal.. you really outdid yourself today.. so many wonderful recipes and so little time to read. Great job on pictures as always and wonderful step by step pictures..Truly a wonderful wonderful post.
1.Very nice photo of Ganesha..Liked your idea of keeping the ganesha idol in the whole wheat pile.Looks serene.
2.Laddoos look delicious..but I am not sure whether I will be able to handle those. Looks as though it needs an expert cook to follow those steps so closely. May be I should try with 1 cup flour.
3.Gajar mirchi pickle ..yum yum..easy to make and delicious to eat.. will surely try it out tomorrow.
4, Tuvar daal..simple daal can be a great addition to any meal. Eat with rice or chapatis. Liked your non stick kadhaai too.
The whole thaali looks very inviting.
5 Nice way of cutting potato to match the tindora sticks. learnt something new today to add jaggery to this veggie.
6 favorite to eat but didnt know how to make. great step by step pictures. I do have doodhi in the fridge.. will certainly make it this weekend..

Asha said...


What a great collection of recipes Kajal.Wonderful!!There are more??!!!!Love it,bring them on!!!

Sia's Corner said...

wow...AMAZING post... i donno what to say... so many recipes!!! and there is more to come? i have to come back and check all these beautiful dishes again... well done kajal...

priya said...

Don't y u may us all hungry now??

Anonymous said...

Great Party, khai khai ne pet maa kad vari gayi chhe. AAtlu baddhu khaavaa nu ane te pan khub chataakedaar ke aanglio pan thodi thodi khavaai gai. Kajal ben tame to maajaa muki didhi chhe aaje. Mane mara vidhyarthi kaal ni mesho ni feast yaad aavi gai. AAje maare kabulvu padse ke tame tamaaraa parivaar naa annapurnaa chho. Khub khub shubkaamnaa o tamne ane tamaaraa parivaar ne. Tamaari khub rasik lakhaan padhhati ane sundar chitro joyi ne ghani majaa aavi.


Kajal said...

Hi Vinita,
WOW.........My best friend gives me lots of time for me.
•Thanks for my Ganesha pictures.
•I keep Ladoo for you, you are most well come at my home.
•Gajar mirchi pickle is also available any time for you.
•Very nice words written by you for tuvar daal. Thanks!!!!
•Jaggery is optional but we like it and use sometime. But thanks for your note.
•Last but not least MY Fourite item Handvo............appreciated by you.
Really, very nice comment from you.

Thanks a LOT.:)
Take Care.


Kajal said...

Hi Asha,
Lovely comment forms you.
Thanks a lot!
This is for you my dear bring with you.:)

Kajal said...

Hi Sia’s Corner,
Thanks so much for your compliment... :)
Have a nice day.:)))))))))))))))

Kajal said...

Yes, Priya all are hungry and can’t wait for another gusted too................................every body take a dish one by one all, start eating.
Just for fun................
Good day.

Kajal said...

Hi Samir,
Chataakedaar khai khai ne samirbhai tamane pet ma dukhhe to ENO moklvu.............
Tame ghani majaa aavi teno amne khub khub aanad chhe.
Tamro khub khub aabhar.

Richa said...

kajal, churma ladoo maru fav che. looks so so tasty, maro party invitation kya che??
very tempting pics kajal!!

musical said...

WOW! Kajal, this is such a treat! So many delicious things. That Gajar-marcha no sambharo is so yummy and that daal and the handavo and the, dear-you are great! really Kajal, each of your posts is a treasure trove of information with all the steps you show, and those great pictures make it all the more enjoyable.

Thanks a lot, Kajal. Love your delicious meals.

Can i have some sambharo, please :). My mouth is watering.

Have a great weekend,

Vcuisine said...

Kajal Which i should comment? Amazing. Each one is with clear explanation and step by step photos. Great job. Admire your patience and neat work. All are very nice. Viji

Kajal said...

Hi Richa,
You are invited my dear and I send you invitation you not get it.:)
I send churma ladoo for you and your family.
Nice to see your comment.

Kajal said...

Hi Musical,

Thanks for lovely words.
You not ask to me if you want anything’s.
Sambharo is especially for you my dear.

Enjoy weekend.:)

Kajal said...

Hi Viji,
Thanks a lot!
It’s my pleasure to see your comment.
Enjoy Sunday.

rashi said...

Hi Kajal,

Really fantastic presentation of recipes and recipes are so easy too..

I really impressed to see this blog, So, I checked it daily for a new recipe ;-)

I have a question regarding Churma Ladoo. What is the use of Poppy seeds in Ladoos that u mentioned in Ingredients but not in recipe.

Plz tell me so that I can try these delicious and mouth watering Ladoos..


Kajal said...

Hi Rashi,
Nice to see your comment.
I use poppey seeds to decorate the ladoo, you also add poppey seeds with almond and kaju…
Sorry I check it and edit my post.I have no mention about use of poppey seeds.
Thanks for remanding.
Take Care.:)

trupti said...


apda Gujarati nu Laddo nu jaman ni majaaj joodi che....great menu, Kajal..
maney ladoo bahu bhavey paan hun bau khau nahi, paachi laddo jevi thai jau!!

take care,

Kajal said...

Hi Trupti,
Mane pan ladoo bhu bhave ane man bhari ne khau pan ladoo jevi nathi ho ke.:)
Thanks for nice comment.
Take Care,

trupti said...

Hahaha, Kajal...

Hun to Ladva jovu toh 5 pounds vajan vadhi jaay!!

hun paan ladva jevi nathi....ghugra jevi chu, hahaha.


Kajal said...

Hi Trupti,
I know you are so beautiful and nice.
You are so active and sweet girl.:)
I next to try making ghugra.....hahaha..........
Good day.:)))))))))))

mallurecipes said...

kajal just love ur blog....
I was looking for a good handvo recipe thanks for posting it in detail picture by picture can't go wrong now,
jus one Q? can I make it in oven or microwave ?

Kajal said...

Hi mallurecipes,
First of all thanks for your appreciating words.
Yes, you defiantly cook handvo in microwave.
In a square bowl or plate add oil and micro for 5 minutes and add mustard seeds, cumin seeds, asophotedia and again micro for 3 minutes. In this seasoning, pour the prepared material and micro for 20 minutes on medium power level. Grill this handva for 10 minutes and serve hot with chutney.:)
Thanks for your nice comment.
Have a nice day.

Manasi said...

Beautiful Ladoos!!! wish i could have one RIGHT NOW!!!!

Kajal said...

Hi Manasi,
Thanks for lovely words..............If possible then I could send you right now........Good day.:)

charmie said...

Hi kajal,
U really showed this recipie wonderfully..I just thought earlier that it was so difficult to make it....but now....I m going to prepare it soon....

Kajal said...

Hi Charmie,

Thanks for your lovely words. I also try to make recipe as easy as possible with lots of photo so every body cook....Have a nice day and Take Care.:)))

harsha said...

thanks, nice recipes but i don't use sakkar. i want use 'GUD' then how to make with 'Gud'

harsha said...

thanks for giving good recipe and we enjoy with family, but i dont use sakar in ladoo, but i use gud then give me recipi with gud

Kajal said...

Hello Harsha,

you heat the ghee in low flame nad add the GUd when gud is malt in ghee then turn of the flame and take care that hot heat much this ghee and gud. after that you add the ready laddo material in it.

Thank you Harsha for your nice comment.