Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Arusuvai Friendship Chain: Season 2 and a mystery ingredient

Arusuvai Friendship Chain is about sending along a surprise ingredient as a gift to your friends for them to prepare something tasty with it, share the recipe, and pass on other surprise ingredients to more people. Arusuvai means six tastes (aru=six, suvai=taste) in Tamizh and is used to refer for Tasty preparation with six tastes – inippu/ thithippu (sweet), orappu/ karam (hot), kassappu (bitter) , pulippu (sour), uppu(salt), tuvarpu (tastes that one gets in raw leaves).

When you receive a package with a “surprise ingredient” as a part of Arusuvai here are the basic rules you need to follow:

  1. Prepare something tasty with it and post recipe with a picture if you are a blogger with the logo, a link to person who passed it to you and to this post if you like for reference.
  2. If you don’t blog, do share the recipe with the friend who gave it to you or post it as a guest post on someone you know who blogs.
  3. Pass on a “surprise ingredient” to two or more friends, one of whom must preferably blog. We all want to have some fun together right?

All people in India who blog or have blogged or those who’d like to be a part of this chain to show themselves up – we’ll ensure you get to be part of the fun.

The Arusuvai network has already forged many friendships. This network was initiated by Srivalli, Bharathy and Lathamma. This network is on its second season and hosted by a very friendly and warm person SAYANTANI. Its a pleasure interacting with her. Thank you for linking us up.

Shalini send me very nice ingredient to me in little nice pink color jar. She wrote very heart touching latter to me also with great gift. She gifted me the recipe book of rice …She send these entire on Valentine’s Day this is my Valentine’s Gift from you dear. Thank you very much.
Actually I like to make different type of rice and she gifted such a great recipe book….
Thank you dear sending all these things.. When I see your recipe book and your pink color jar I have little smile on my face which I never explain what I feel it….

This is my entry to the Arusuvai friendship chain

I made two items from Poppy seeds one is Spicy Potato curry and one is sweet Poppy seeds Seero.

Spicy and yummy Potato carrot curry with Poppy Seeds....

Poppy seeds Halwa...sweet dish...

Potato Curry – Potato with Poppy seeds (Khas-Khas)


2 medium size Poatoes

1 big size carrot

3 tbsp Khas-Khas (Poppy seeds)

3 fresh green chillies

3 tbsp oil

Salt and lemon to taste


Step 1: Sock the Poppy seeds (Khas-Khas) in a little water for an hour.

Step 2: Cut the green chillies in small pices.

Step 3: Remove the extra water from Poppy seeds.Grind the green chillies with sock poppy seeds in mixer. I have used the traditional way of making the paste because my grinder jar is not working condition. Use this type of steel vessel and then crush with heavy handle. Keep aside.

Step 4: Peel and cut the potatoes and carrot into medium size.

Step 5: Heat the 3 tbsp oil in pan.

Step 6: Add half of the potatoes and fry in low flame.

Step 7: Fry until it becomes slightly change in color.

Step 8: Remove from the pan and add remaining potatoes and carrot together.

Step 9: When they cook and become soft and color is change then also remove from the oil.

Step 10: Put all dry ingredient in another plat.

Step 11: Remove the one tbsp oil from pan then add crush poppy seeds and green chillies paste in it on low flame. Beware of spluttering (you can immediately close the pan with a lid).

Step 12: Stirring in low flame until all water part is burn and it become very light chnge in color of poppy seeds.

Step 13: Then add fry potatoes and carrot in it.
Step 14: Add salt as par taste.

Step 15: Turn off the flame after stirring for 5 minutes when nice aroma of poppy seeds with fry potatoes fills your kitchen.

Step 16: Turn off the flame and last add the lemon juice for great taste of curry.

Step 17: Serve Hot with Roti or Paratha with Riyata.

Benefits -
1. Poppy seeds are rich in linoleic acid (an important omega-6 fatty acid), which protects the heart against heart attacks.
2. Poppy seed oil is also rich in oleic acid, which is believed to help prevent breast cancer.
3. It contains 45 to 50% of unsaturated essential fatty acids, which make it a good source of nutrition and health food.
4. Consuming half teaspoon of poppy seeds everyday is a home-remedy for the symptoms of asthma and whooping cough.
5. A paste made from the seeds can be used to get relief from swellings and joint pains.
6. Finely ground powder made from poppy seeds can also be consumed to treat insomnia and diarrhea.
7. It gives essential enzymes and fatty acids to body as a form of nutrition.
8. The oil derived from poppy seeds is used in various cosmetic like for the head and skin as balms and conditioners. Many pharmaceutical companies use poppy seed oil in the manufacture of various drugs and medications.
So now I will teach you how to make a quick recipe with poppy seeds using potatoes.

Next post for Poppy seeds Halwa…that is Khas-Khas sero...