Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Raita marcha & Red Chilli chutney

Happy Valentine Day to My all Blog Friend!!!

History & Traditions
The holiday of Valentine's Day probably derives its origins from the ancient Roman feast of Lupercalia. In the early days of Rome, fierce wolves roamed the woods nearby. The Romans called upon one of their gods, Lupercus, to keep the wolves away. A festival held in honor of Lupercus was celebrated February 15th. The festival was celebrated as a spring festival. Their calendar was different at that time, with February falling in early springtime. One of the customs of the young people was name-drawing. On the eve of the festival of Lupercalia the names of Roman girls were written on slips of paper and placed into jars. Each young man drew a slip. The girl whose name was chosen was to be his sweetheart for the year Legend has it that the holiday became Valentine's Day after a priest named Valentine. Valentine was a priest in Rome at the time Christianity was a new religion. The Emperor at that time, Claudius II, ordered the Roman soldiers NOT to marry or become engaged. Claudius believed that as married men, his soldiers would want to stay home with their families rather than fight his wars. Valentine defied the Emperor's decree and secretly married the young couples. He was eventually arrested, imprisoned, and put to death Valentine was beheaded on February 14th, the eve of the Roman holiday Lupercalia. After his death, Valentine was named a saint. As Rome became more Christian, the priests moved the spring holiday from the 15th of February to the 14th - Valentine's Day. Now the holiday honored Saint Valentine instead of Lupercus

History of Valentine's Day Roses'Oh, my love is a red, red rose' ~ Poets and scholars have likened the beauty of their sweethearts to that of roses. Rose, as the queen of flowers, symbolizes peace and war, love and forgiveness. Valentine's Day is a time to send flowers and gifts to your loved ones but beware! Some of these beautiful messengers may transmit wrong messages. Take the most common flowers, roses for instance. There are formal meanings of different coloured roses in some cultures. Each of these meanings is still used in society today, so choose your colour with care.
  • White roses are for true love and purity of the mind.
  • Red roses are for love and passion.
  • Yellow roses are for friendship.
  • Black roses mean farewell.
  • Pink roses mean friendship or sweetheart.
    History of Valentine's Day Cupid
    Cupid, the mischievous son of the Goddess of Love, Venus, is supposedly responsible for people falling in love. According to the myths, anyone being hit by Cupid's arrow falls in love with the first person he/she sees. His mischievous intentions have led to some entertaining situations in various legends. Cupid in the Roman mythology has Eros, the son of Aphrodite, as his counterpart in the Greek Myths. The names of both these Gods are used synonymously with the concept of love today.

    History Of Love Knot
    Young women in strict Muslim households used to send their pledges of love to young men through messages woven through the knots of a carpet in an Arab tradition. This tradition of sending messages through the knots gave birth to the concept of love knots that continues to this day.

    History Of Valentine's Hearts
    To a beloved, there is no symbol as important as the heart. To give someone one's heart means to give to him or her one's whole being, for the heart is at the center of one's existence. The heart stands for the most profound and noblest of human emotions- that of love. Through ages, it has inspired millions to rise above the mundane cares and to get lost in the thought of their beloved. Thus a heart, pierced by the cupid's arrow, has become the most famous of the valentine's symbols.

Spicy Achaar…………… I made this for my mom-dad who love this Pickle too much!!!

I am sending this as my entry for Pooja's theme of the week- Valentine's Day .:))

This is our traditional side dish of Gujarati. you can find this lovely and spicy dish in each home of gujarat , so this goes to Mathy who is hosting RCI- Gujarati this month.

This goes as well to Coffee for her JFI-Lemon this month.

Raita Marcha(Red chilli Pickle)

500gm red chillies

100gm mustard seed powder

7-tbsp lemon juice

2-tbsp haldi powder

4-tbsp oil

Salt to taste

Step 1: Wash the red chillies and cut off the tops.

Step 2: Remove the seeds of the red chillies and cut in to long thin pieces.

Step 3: Heat the oil till smoking; add the mustard seed powder and haldi powder in it. Turn off the flame.Step 4: Cool at room temperature and add lemon juice and salt to taste.Step 5: Then add chopped red chillies.Step 6: Mix well so that all chillies get coated with the mustard seeds masala.Step 7: Take clean glass jar and place the red chilli pickle in the jar.

Red Chilli Chutney


500gm fresh long thick green chillies

100gm sugar
Salt to taste
Step 1: Wash the red chillies and dry towel to absorb all the moisture. Cut these chillies in to long slices. Remove all the seeds very nicely.
Step 2: Crush the red chilli into mixer to make fine paste.Step 3: Place this mixer in to big vessel. Step 4: Add salt and sugar in it.
Step 5: Mix very well and place it for whole night.Step 6: In the second day morning cover the top with a muslin cloth and leave in the sun to dry for 2-3 days.Step 7: Take clean glass jar and place the chutney in the jar.Step 8: Close the lid of the jar and this should be remains as it is for one year.
I am sending this as my entry for Pooja's theme of the week- Valentine's Day .:))


Asha said...

Happy V day to you too Kajal!:))

Whoa!! Your valentine will be dancing "on the roof, in the rain"(like that Hindi movie song!) after eating this!!;D

I love Chilli pickle. Red chillies look so good, usually I use green chillies. Good one Kajal, thanks.Hope you are doing well! Enjoy :))

Aparna Rao said...

Hi Kajal,

Very nice recipes, will try them, the color of the Achar is so good.

Aparna R

vimmi said...

wow Kajal, lots of red chili dishes. I get the achar readymade. should make it. Chutney looks delish.

Pooja said...

lovely entry Kajal . perfect with red colors too :) . i am glad to have your entries dear . The first picture of red chillies looks so fresh and nice , i kept on staring at it for a while. Raita marcha , kone nahi bhavta hoy ?
thanks a lot for sharing and participating. Nice selection for JFI and RCI too . I bet no other dish uses this much lemon in it :)

satya said...

Glad to see your post after a long time Kajal.I made Masala puri and Tandoori baby potatoes following your recipe and they came out yummy.
I will try these red chilly recipes.Thanks for sharing these drool worthy recipes with us Kajal.

Shella said...

woooo, your entry sure is red hot girl....perfect for Vals.

Anonymous said...

Very nice recipe... and you can use it when you need it.

Swaroopa said...

looks gr8! thanx 4 sharing...

sowmya said...

looks very tempting...i loved your pictures,especially of the addition of sugar and salt into the chilli mixture..

Angela said...

Hi Kajal,

Wish you a Happy V-day...pls let me know if i can use green chillies instead of red ones in the pickle? thanks..

musical said...

That red chilli chutney is really good looking! Totally delightful preparation, Kajal!

Cynthia said...

This blog is full of love from the header to the template to the post - it is bleeding with red and white love :)

Anonymous said...

ek waat kehvu che kajal..tara blog na ghana recipes mane etla game che ke shun kehvu..this is one of the...yummy!!!

SMN said...

i hope u had a lovely day and njoyed it... lovely post..thanx for sharing..

Vcuisine said...

Though the chilis are hot, the post is sweet Kajal. How are you? How is your mother doing? Take care. Viji

Julie said...

I have to make this, I love food with loads of flavor and some heat.

Kajal said...

Hi Asha,

Thanks for your lovely words. valentine was really dancing!!!

I am very fine but let’s busy in other work so not comment. I really miss you. As I get time I was read your blog but not comment. Have a nice day.:))

Kajal said...

Hello Aparna Rao,

Thanks for your nice words :-)


Kajal said...

Hiiiiiiiii Vimmi,

Thanks a lot!!!!
I also like this red chilli chutney very much. This is very good option not make weekly chutney but make for whole year.

Good Day.:))

Kajal said...

Hello Pooja,

First of all thanks for your lovely words. You organize nice event. You are rocking in your blog I see your valentine day round up is very nice.:) Ya…..without Raita marcha our lunch or dinner is not complete. Good job dear. Keep it up.:)))

Have a good Day.:)

Kajal said...

Hello Satya,

Thank you very much........Your words give me inspiration. I would like to post my recipe. When someone try my recipe and after comment me then I really feel very nice.

Good Day.:)

Kajal said...

Hello Shella,

Yes.....valentine is for red but with hot taste also....just kidding.:)

Good day Dear.:)

Kajal said...

Hi Swaroopa,

Thanks for your nice words.


Kajal said...

Helloooo Sowmya,

Thanks for your kind words.
This is my all time fav red chilli chutney. It is very nice taste if you like sweet taste with spicy.

Kajal said...

Hi Angela,

Yes you definitely use green chili instead of red chilli. You find green chilli recipe same as it in my side bar label. Thanks for you nice words.:)

Have a nice day!!!

Kajal said...

Hello Musical,

Thanks for your nice words.


Kajal said...

Hello Cynthia,

Your words as nice as your heart.:) Lovely words from gorgeous woman. Thank you very much. I am really happy to see your comment.


Kajal said...

Hello Priya,

Aahh.....saras lakhu chhe te to valentine day ma dil kholi ne lakhu lage chhe. Taro khub khub aabhar.:)

Bye and Take Care.:)

Kajal said...

Hello SMN,

Thanks for your beautiful words. Good day.


Kajal said...

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Viji,

Yes you are right in sweet day I post hot hot recipes. I am fine. My mother is also well. I really miss some of my blog friend heartly but as I get time I am active in my blog and share all things with you. I can't mange as you are so i don't get time....wait for some time.I am coming back.....

Good day .:))


Kajal said...

Hello Julie,

I am glad to see your comment.
Thanks a lot!!!


Kajal said...

Hello Orchidea,

Yes, you can use when you need so I like it very much.....bcoz in our life this type of recipe is very useful in our Monday to Friday job days. Thanks for your nice words.

Have a good Day.:)

Aparna R said...

Hi Kajal,

Thanks for sharing all those wonderful gujrati recipes, I had a request for you. Can you post the recipe of Pav Baji when you get a chance.

Aparna R

white on rice couple said...

WE just found your blog and so happy we did because we are wanting to learn more about Indian cuisine! Thank you for the beautiful stet by step instructions. These are the most useful teachings that we have found. We'll be back. Thanks!

Tarika said...

Make some more red chilli pickel for me, Once i will come(On March 22), I would like to take some with me too. looks so yummy:)

mamta said...

hi kajal,
u have a wonderful gujarati blog.i need not search anywhere else for gujarati recipes i feel.ans the photos makes them feel easy.wil surely try ur recipes.

Roopa said...

Hi Kajal lovely post about the pickle , icame here through google images, was happy to see so many colorful posts and recipes:)

immi said...

I like your blog very much... Do you remember all these recipes? if yes then 'salaam' to you...

Priyanka said...

Kajal, the raita marcha look spicilicious....but we dont get those here...i got some from india on my recent trip.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kajal,

I hope everything is fine. You haven't posted in a long time, so was worried about you. Do come back soon. :)

toro said...

Just looking at the sweat came out.
If you would like, my blog also links please.

SHUBHA said...

hey y no post for such a long time???

Anonymous said...

your blog is supereb i love your recipes hope all is well jo

andhra kichen said...

Yeah! this Red chilly chutney is very yummy. I brought from india.
but i dont know how to make untill now.
ThankU for spicy recipe kajal

Priyanka said...

kaajal, hope everything is fine with you. no post from u in a long time.

Absolut ASL said...

Hai friend,

Very good recipies, proffestional photographs, nice layout,whats else visitor needs, you have got it all,keep growing.

"Recipie writer/Blog contributors wanted" - Absolut ASL


Srivalli said...

Kajal...its been way too long since your last post!..hope things are fine with you! get back to blogging...

and drop in my blog..I got something for you!

Anonymous said...

Acabo de ver tu blog.
Espero que visites mi blog, son fotos de mi pueblo, de España y de Italia y Francia:

donde encontrarás los enlaces de todos los blogs.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kajal,
How are you? how come there are no recipes from long time.I hope you are doing fine. Very good website.

Devi Priya said...

looks delicous. Color is perfect.

d said...

hey kajal, long time since u posted, hope all is good...drop a line when u get chance.

rahin said...

hey kajal whts up ? long time no c .....hope u r doin gud

Kajal said...

Hello my all dear friends,

I am fine. Actually I am busy in some of my other work so not post recipe here. I will try to post recipe as early as soon. I really feel very nice when I ready your enormous words. I really miss my all blog friends an all of us recipe. When I get time I read all of us blog and I think all of us doing very well in Blog. I miss you very much. I wish I will be come back soon. Up to that.....Best of Health, Best of companion, and Best of fortune.....That never ends...:))

Thank you Aparna r, White on rice couple, Mamta, Roopa, Immi, Priyanka, Shubha, Andhra Kichen, Vijay, Srivalli, Jfmarcelo, Vani, Devi Priya, D, Rahin.:))

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Pooja said...

I am making this today following your recipe Kajal. I was not sure when to add mustard seeds, thanks again for posting this :) xoxo

Anonymous said...

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