Saturday, January 26, 2008

Event Post

These are my entry for Pooja's Republic day Event. Theme of this event is you can cook anything with 3 colors of flag of India. (Orange , White and Green – you can cook dish finally resulting in any of these 3 colors / any single color / all of 3 , some variation in color of final dish is perfectly Ok. In this New Year she is start her event with very nice theme for our country. So let’s celebrate Republic Dat with participant in this event……:)
Three color sandwich:
For recipe click Here!!!
Row Papaya, Carrot and green chilli side dish / Sambharo:


1 carrot
1 small size raw papaya slice
5 long green chillies
2 tbsp lemon juice
1\2 tbsp sugar
2 tbsp oil
Salt to taste

Step 1: Peel the carrot and Papaya.

Step 2: Grated the papaya and carrot. Cut the green chillies in long size and remove the seeds.

Step 3: Heat the one tbsp oil in to pan and add green chillies into low flame.

Step 4: When chillies fry nicely add salt, and remove from the oil.

Step 5: After that add grated raw papaya in to law flame and cook for one minute.

Step 6: Add lemon juice, sugar and salt to taste and mix well. Turn off the flame and place it in another dish.
Step 7: Turn on the flame and one tbsp oil and heat it. Add grated carrot in it.

Step 8: Add sugar, lemon juice and salt to taste.
Step 9: Place it in dish like as three colors of our flag.
Step 10: If you like then mix all these and serve as a side dish.

Also contribute in AFAM event hosted by Nags!!!


This is my simple dish for dessert and likes to eat as it is. I contribute this simple papaya dish for event AFAM hosted by Nags.

1. An excellent source of vitamin C and potassium.
2. High in folate and beta carotene.
3. An extract is used to tenderize meat.

1. Can cause dermatitis in some people.

Green Garlic Chutney


25gm green garlic
2 tbsp cumin seeds
10 gm Coriander leaves
5 pieces of garlic
2 green chillies
1 tbsp oil
Salt to taste

Step 1: Add all ingredients except green chilli in steal small vessel.

Step 2: Then crush with heavy steal handle with use of hand and make like paste.
Step 3: When it crushes half then adds green chillies in it and make paste not very much smooth.

Step 4: Heat one tbsp oil in microwave and add this material in it.

Step 5: Mix this material in oil very nicely.
Step 6: Microwave on high for only one minutes.

Step 7: You very tasty with nice aroma of garlic chutney is ready.

Step 8: Place in serving bowl.

I am sending this chutney to Sunita's Monthly Spice event, This time Think Spice : Think Garlic...!

Happiness Message:
You will never happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of. You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life.
-Albert Camus


Pooja said...

Wow kajal ! wonderful entry , and that sandwitch is killing me, you know i like it the most .
thank foryour nice entries , i really loved them . Thanks for being a part of celebration.
Entry for think gralic is also too nice, i can feel the aroma of that chutney here :) .
Keep blogging.

Srivalli said... many wonderful dishes...all are yummy looking!..where is mine ..:D

sunita said...

Thanks for your lovely entry.

musical said...

Happy Republic Day to you too, Kajal! Lovely sambharo recipe! Looks so cute and colorful!

shankari said...

Such lovely dishes in one post. I tried the taro leaf roll, it was awesome. Thanks Kajal

Asha said...

Hi Kajal, glad you met my buddy in B'lore!!:)))
Great post for events, haven't seen you in a long time. Hugs to you.

satya said...

Hi Kajal,
Very colourful post.Green garlic chutney seems interesting.Are there any other ways to use green garlic?Thank you.

Richa said...

kem che kajal? lasan ni chutney maney bau bhavey, hu chokas banavis, pan frozen use karvani chu :)

JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...

Wow, what beautiful dishes - the colors really are striking. I love the papaya dish - I am so addicted to that fruit!

Welcome to The Foodie Blogroll!!!

Jayashree said...

I like the mixed curry with carrot, papaya and chillies in it...looks pretty and sounds yum.

Cynthia said...

It is so easy to learn from you. I know personally that doing step-by-step demos are not easy so I thank you most sincerely for always taking the pics and helping us to be better cooks.

Kajal said...

Hello Pooja,

Aah....aato mare fav sandwich chhe..ane tari pan chhe saru to apde enjoy kari sandwich sathe. I think you are garlic love and you like its aroma.

Good day.:)

Kajal said...

Hello Srivalli,

All dishes are for you my sweet heart. I possible than definitely I send it to you.
Give my lots of love to your children. Good day and Take care.


Kajal said...

Hello Sunita,

Thanks a lot.
Good day.:)

Kajal said...

Hi Musical,

Thanks for your pretty words. I really miss my all my blog friend very much.

Have a nice day.:)

Kajal said...

Hello Shankari,

I am glad to see your nice words. Thanks for nice words for taro leaf roll. I really like when someone tried my recipe after that comment me.


Kajal said...

Hello Asha,

Oh....I was feel very nice after meet her. She is very kid and sweet heart person. Thanks for your lovely words.

Take Care.:)

Kajal said...

Hello Satya,

Thanks you satya for your nice words. You can use green garlic instead of simple garlic in any recipe if you like the taste of garlic leaf.

Have a good day.:)

Kajal said...

Hello Richa,

Mane tari comment bahu game chhe. Pure hearted hoy tevu lage. Tu pan banvje garlic chutney and enjoy kar. Frozen ma taste fresh garlic jevo aave ke thodo judo aave?

Kajal said...

Hello Jenndz,

My grandmother say papaya is really good for health.I am gald to see your comment.

Thanks for your nice words.:)

Kajal said...

Hello Jayshree,

So you made curry with carrot and papaya I will also try it. Thanks for giving me new idea.

Good day and TC.:))

Kajal said...

Hellooooooooo Cynthia,

Thanks for your pleasant words. Some times I am tried to get all pictures and make the recipe because its double time to cook when you get all steps pictures. But you are master mind cook and you say me is not fare my dear. You are queen of different type of all variety.

Have a nice day.:)

Anonymous said...

heyy kajal where are you? missing your blog entries.hope everything is well.

Anonymous said...

hello kajal hope all is well with you.missing your yummy recipes jo from united kingdom

Anonymous said...

miss your blog hope all is ok with you jotsna