Sunday, November 30, 2008

Gulabjamun and Dry Coriander leaves puri

This post is special for my Mom and Dad. My mom is far away form me but always near to heart. Mom Happy Marriage Anniversary.
Love you and Miss you MoM
An Indian sweet preparation traditionally made out of evaporated desiccated milk blended with wheat flour, fried and soaked in sugar syrup.
Ready made gulabjamun paket of 200 gm
600gm sugar
Ghee for deep fry
Few strands of saffron

Method of making Gulabjamuns:
Step 1: Mix the ready made jamuns packet with 125 to 150ml water in parts in big vessel. (For richer jamuns, use simple milk instead of water.)
Step 2: Knead gently into soft and smooth dough.

Step 3: Apply ghee on both palms and then shape medium round and smooth jamuns without cracks from the dough. Cover the jamuns with moist cloth until we make sugar syrup.

Step 4: Take 600gm sugar in vessel.

Step 5: Add approximate 600ml water in it.
Step 6: Turn on the gas and heat this sugar mixer until they are bubbling.

Step 7: When bubbling is stop and mixer becomes slightly thick then turn the gas in lowest flame. Don’t turn off the flame until we simmer the gulabjamuns.

Step 8: Add few strands of saffron in sugar syrup.
Step 9: Take a thick pan and heat the ghee or oil on medium heat.

Step 10: Place the jamuns softly in heat oil in law flame.

Step 11: Deep fry in ghee in low flame until it turn golden brown.

Step 12: Drain excess ghee and place the hot sugar syrup in low flame.

Step 13: Soak the jamuns in hot sugar syrup for 15 minutes.

Step 14: After 15 minutes place it in another serving bowl and enjoy with your dinner or lunch….:)

Coriander leaves dry puri (Snack Item)

Ingredients for making coriander mixer:
3 cups fresh coriander leaves
9-10 long fresh green chillies
3 big size lemons (½ cup lemon juice)
1 tbsp turmeric powder
3 tbsp sugar
Salt to taste

Method for making coriander paste:
Step 1: Wash the coriander leaves very nicely and chopped it.

Step 2: Cut the green chillies and blend all material in mixer with little water.

Step 3: Mix till smooth paste.

Ingredients for making puri:
2 cup wheat flour
1 cup semolina (Rava/ Suji)
6 tbsp oil
Oil for deep fry the puri

Method of making coriander leaves puri:
Step 1: Mix the both flour with 6 tbsp oil very nicely.

Step 2: Add the mixer of coriander leaves.

Step 3: Knead slightly stiff dough and add little water if it needed.
Step 4: Cover with a moist cloth and keep aside for 5 minutes.

Step 5: Knead again and divided into big portions.
Step 6: Roll into big round shape and then cut into small round shape with help of round shape.

Step 7: Make small Slits with the tip of the knife on top of the puris.

Step 8: Deep Fry the puri in hot oil and fry until they are golden brown on both side.

Step 9: Drain excess oil.

Step 10: If you like square shape than try in square shape it is easy to shape and quick to make.

Step 11: Store in a container.

Step 12: Enjoy it in your breakfast or snack time…..............:))

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zobars said...

wow kajal, those look yummy and cute too. i will try to make them and let you know how it turned out.

Jayashree said...

Those corriander puris look so nice....and its something new to me.

Kajal said...

Hiiiiiiiiii Zobars,

Thanks for your nice comment dear.
I am really happy to see hear still I am not regular here but I am miss you.:)

Good Day!!!

Kajal said...

Hi Jayashree,

This coriander puri is basically my mom made for my little sister when she is study in hostel and I modify it with my thinking and it good in test. Thanks for your pretty comment.

Have a cheerful day!!!

Aparna said...

Hi Kajal ,
Coriander puris and gulab jamun look fantastic. You are so talented, keep up your good work.

Aparna Rao

Anonymous said...


aapka gulabjamun and poori looks delicious, mouthwatering.
Your blog is wonderful and very impressive.

thanks for your wonderful recipes


Kajal said...

Hi Aparna Rao,

Thank you very much for pleasant words writing in comment.
Have a great day and TC.:)


Kajal said...

Helloooooooo Meera,

Thanks for your polite reply on my blog. I really appreciate your writing in my blog.
You just tell me kajal don’t need kajalji. I am just like friend here to all of you.

Have a cheerful day for my new friend and Take care dear.


Latha said...

Hi Kajal,

I'm visiting you after long time. And you have delicious treats waiting for us. The coriander leaves puri look very tasty and new recipe too. Your parents are very lucky to have you:)

Is there any special winter sweet that you make in Gujarat? Please share with us.

Kajal said...

Hi Latha,

How r u? Thank you dear for your gorgeous words. I am also lucky too bcoz I have very nice family and very nice friend like you.

Your words give me great smile and this is very important if you give smile to another. This world is more beautiful if everyone is give smile to another and every where is peace and love only.

I will try to post all type of Chikki in this winter let’s see what happen because I would like to be regular in my blog but sometimes life is more important than our hobbies. I will try to share the all types of chikki which is totally Gujarati people made. Rajkot Chikki is very famous in our Gujarat.

Have a nice day!!!
Glad to see you here.

Sarika said...

Dear Kajal,
I'm new subscriber of your blog. Now I'm visiting your blog regularly for last 2 months. I'm also Gujarathi and when I found your blog (I felt I found a treasure) I'm in CA and have no relatives so internet is my cooking reference. I made turiya-masoor dal, kobi sambharyu, beet orange juice, dal dhokali and want to try every dish on your blog. Let me know your email address and I will keep in touch with you.

Kajal said...

Dear Sarika,

Glad to see your nice comment here.
Thank you very much for your appreciation. I was tried to put all recipe in easy way so everyone cook easily.

When I was started blog I don’t know what is befit of it but I really very happy because I touch so many people through blog. I was found some many Gujarti friends through blog and also another who is not gujarati but very kind hearted and I appreciate the things is all are very nice. Today I add one more friend in my list. I am happy to see here. In these entire friends I was met one gujarati friend when she was came India and she was came at my home I was surprise. But I like it and I have good memory to. My email id Keep in touch. I am not regular in my blog since last few months but I am regular to read comment and give reply to all.

Have a good day!!!

Sarika said...

Dear Kajal,
Thanks for all your efforts and time. I really appreciate it and I'm sure others too! I tried emailing on but it bounces.
At times when I'm out of ideas and think humm... what to cook today, I open your blog and pick a dish. I also like how you make effort to put healthy drinks. I'm also very conscious of giving my kids best nutrition. There are lot of indian food blogs but I grew up eating gujarathi food everyday and I want to pass our culture to my kids, your recipes are great help for me.

Kajal said...

Dear Sarika,

I am really very sorry but I was written wrong mail id my mail id is I know you think that why I am made mistake but now a days I am suffering lot and I am not able to handle all this things in smooth way and sometimes I forget that what I am doing. I am really very sorry for giving wrong id.

Give my lots of love to your kids.

Kajal said...

Dear Sarika,

I am really very sorry. I was written wrong mail id my mail id is kajal11@gmail com or I know you think that why I made mistake but now a days my job is very hectic and when I was coming at home and read my mail and all this things I was totally tired. I am really very sorry for giving wrong id. I know what you feel when your mail is bounce but my aim is not anything wrong. I think you can understand me.

Give my lots of love your kids.
Have a great weekend

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Aion Kinah said...

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dipti said...

Hi kajal,
U R really great. i've tried ur coriander leaves puri...really it is very tasty...basically i'm i alywz try something new....u give me ur Email ID so that i can be in touch wid u ...or can clariy if any query arise...really i'm very impressed by u.....
(Dipti RAdiya 4m Solapur)...

dipti said...

Hi kajal,
U R rally great i tried ur receipe of coriander puri really it is to tasty.....everyone liked it they said it is yummy....basically i'm gujrathi but really impressed wid ur step by step with photos all ur recipes....
(Dipti 4m Solapur)

Dipti said...

Hi kajal,
U R really great dear.. again i waana some new recipes with step by step pictures as some snacks main course menu & sweets... cake & biscuits...but all i waana must be in veg ok ...really i'm impressed by u . i'vd tried dry coriander leaves..puri really it tured out very tasty ... i'll be eagerly waiting 4 ur rply ok...

Kajal said...

Hello Dipti,

First of all thank you dear for your kind reply and give me lost of incouragement from your herat touch words for my recipes. I am not matser of recipe but i will give as simple dishes of gujarat. I am really very happy to see gujarti people surch my blog and you know ihave very less friend through the blog who is gujarti but today i add one more friend.

Have a great day dear with lost of fun!!!

Give y regards to your family :)


Kajal said...

Hello Aion Kinah,

Thank you!!!

Kajal said...


Thanks a lot........:)

Kajal said...


thank you very much ...........

Have a great day!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kajal ............
hey dear dipti here as i had already send a request pls guide me as i have taken part in competition thats triange pulaov as theme is 26 january but i want suggestion 4m ur side full recepe of triange pulav & with full decoration, presentation ......taste...everything........

Kajal said...

For Triangle Pilaov for the theme of 26 January....

You make a rice with green gravy of palak ...
white simple rice as it is..
And ofr orange color you use orange food color other wish you use tomato gravy pulav...

that is also good in test and decorate with dry fruit…

Anonymous said...

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Preethi said...

Hi Kajal...I am going to try this recipe. Can you pls tell me how many cups is 600 gm of sugar. That will be very helpful for me.