Sunday, December 28, 2008

Date Sweet/ Khajur Paak

Merry Christmas and Happy new Year

500gm date khajur packet
200gm fresh mava
50gm sugar
50gm ghee (1\4 cup)
20gm edible gum (Gaund)
1\2 cup water ( or simple milk)
Almonds chopped for decoration

Step 1: Deseed the dates and roughly chop up dates.

Step 2: Take 1\2 cup water (or simple milk) in kadai and heat up to boiling and add chopped dates. Step 3: Keep stirring till all dates becomes soft and turn off the flame.

Step 4: Cool for 2-3 minutes and place into grinder bowl.
Step 5: Blend the date in a mixer till smooth paste (If it is too thick add a tiny amount of water to loosen it but try to make thicker pulp)

Step 5: Grated mava. Step 6: Grind 20 pieces of almond into mixer.

Step 6: Take another thick pan and heat the ghee in pan.

Step 7: Fry edible gum on medium flame.

Step 8: Finely chopped fry edible gum and keep aside.

Step 9: Then remove half of the ghee from pan and add prepare dates mixer.

Step 10: Add sugar and stirring till thick consistency.

Step 11: Stirring well up to all water part is burn and paste of date looks dark brown color.
Step 12: Add fry edible gum and mix it.

Step 13: Add grated mava on a low flame and keep stirring.
Step 14: Stirring up to date mixture sets in thick consistency.

Step 15: Take little part of mixer in hand and try to make small balls if it becomes in shape then turn off the flame. Step 16: After that add almond powder and mix well.

Step 17: Pure the batter of khajur paak or date sweet on the plate.

Step 18: Cool for 20 minutes after that take little ghee in your palm and make medium balls of date sweet or khajur paak.

Step 19: Decorate the balls with chopped almond and place in another plate.

Step 20: Store into container and place in cool.

Another recipe of Date Sweet is HERE

1. If you use sweet mava then you don’t add sugar because I thought that khajur were sweet enough.
2. If you don’t like to add water then you directly grind the dates into grinder but you need heavy duty grinder because dates are not soaked.

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TBC said...

It's been so long since I visited! How have you been, Kajal? The khajur paak looks very nice. I thought it was something made of chocolate when I saw the first pic.:D
Hope you have a peaceful and joyous year ahead.

Sarika said...

Thanks Kajal for such a nice reciepe. I always wanted to make khajur paak and now after looking at your step by step recipe, I'm going to add ingredients to my grocery list and make it!

I also have one request for you. If it is not too much then can you post few things for kids. Here it is winter and really getting cold and kids are down with soar throught and cough and cold. I'm looking for dishes which will help them like soup or anything you suggest.

Yasmeen said...

Happy new year Kajal.Tasty khajur treats,love all your step-by-step recipes:)

Aparna Rao said...

Looks lovely, I love dates. Happy new year Dear Kajal.

Aparna Rao


Hi Kajal,
Wish a Happy New Year to You!

Ahmed Al-Sabbagh said...

happy new year:)

I wish You a Very Happy, Healthy and Successful New 2009 Year


Vibaas said...

Looks soooo yummy. Lovely step by step illustration. You have a wonderful blog with lot of yummy recipes.

Kajal said...

Helloooooooooo TBC,

Nice to see you here. I really miss you. Thanks for your lovely comment and best wishes of New Year.

Have a great day with lots of fun!!!

Kajal said...

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Sarika,

Sorry for delay reply But when I am busy in other work my mind is think that when I get time and reply to my blog friend. In my mind has all of comments but when I have time sometimes I have no computer. Thanks for your such a nice comment and I think you are really think that why she is not reply but now my job is very hectic for coming three months but I will reply any how.

For kids in winter click here...

This is healthy. If you like to avoid oil you just boil all this ingredients with tomato and onion and blend with hand mixer and add all masala. After that cook for sometimes and serve hot with rice or roti.

Also try this if you like....

Have a nice day

Kajal said...

Hello Yasmeen,

Thanks for your New Year wishes and I also wish your new year is rocking.

Pleasant to see your comment here.
Good Day and Take Care : )

Kajal said...

WOW....Hiiiiiiiii.....Aparna Rao,

How are you? I am really happy to see your comment. Happy New Year dear.

Have a great day!!!

Kajal said...


Happy new Year and I wish this year is healthy and wealthy for you...: )


Kajal said...

Hi Ahmed Al-Sabbagh,

Thanks for new year wish.
Same to you.

Good Day : )

Kajal said...

Hello Vibaas,

Pleasant to see your comment here.....:))

Have a great day with lots of fun in your life.....

Take Care Dear : )

Jason Alvarez said...

Great instructions! This sweet date recipe looks exquisite! Muah, perfect!

Wow Gold said...

wow ! what a blog

Wow Gold said...

fantastic blog.

vani said...

hai Kajol,

Thanks fr so delicious Khajur paak. i tried n its come out very nice, n my hubby n kids liked i8t so much.