Thursday, February 25, 2010

mix chikki with award GOD...............surprise for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you Mriganayani for passing these all award to me I don’t know I deserve it or not but I always try my best but I think I never get enough time for blog friends.........but all blog friends give me nice inspiration with their comment and awards.....thank you once again dear Mriganayani. I read your blog and I got so many different ideas from your recipes and will try some of them also.
Here are the seven things which you like to know about me....
1. I always believe in GOD.
2. If someone asks me the question for any matter then I always tell the truth of the matter. Never think what is effect of that because I know only truth is always win forever.
3. I always thanks to my younger sister because she help me when I really need the help in my life.
4. I always cook my heart.

5. I am very hard working.
6. I nerve like to hurt someone.
7. When I am right and some one blame on me at that time I can’t control myself but know a days I try to control that.

I would like to pass these awards to all these lovely friends of my food bloggers…………



Mix chikki with delicious taste of coconut


½ cup sesame seeds
½ cup roasted skinless peanuts
¼ cup fresh grated dry coconut
1 cup shred jaggery
2 spoons water

Step 1: This is roasted red skinless peanuts coz I remove the red skins and break each peanut in to parts so it is easy to spread in chikki.Step 2: Take a mixer bowl and half crush these peanuts in mixer not make like powder.

Step 3: Heat two spoons of water in a kadai or thick pan and add the jaggary in it.

Step 4: Mix the water and jaggery in medium flame and stirring continuously.
Step 5: Melt nicely and when its color is slightly change turn the flame law and then stirring on law flame for few seconds.

Step 6: When its color is slightly change in dark side then add crush peanuts in it.

Step 7: In low flame instantly add sesame seeds in it.

Step 8: Last add the dry grated coconut in it.

Step 9: Mix all these in law flame very quickly and turn off the flame.
Step 10: Grase a tray or any clean surface and roller of roti with oil before start to make chikki.

Step 11: When you turn off the flame spread the material of chikki over the grease surface.

Step 12: Quickly roll the material with roti roller so it becomes thin.

Step 13: Slightly draw horizontal and vertical lines befor it cool.
Step 14: When its cool cut into square pieces.

Step 15: You can also made small ladoo shape if you like.

Step 16: Store in container in cool place.

Note: If you make ladoo shape then it is require that your teeth is healthy to eat chikki......ha ha ha!!!


Trendsetters said...

great explanation..congratulations on the awards

Anonymous said...


~ Lopa said...

Congrats for the awards :)

Delicious, i was actually searching for chikki recipe on your blog at the time of Uttarayan, as i wanted that typical singdana chikki we have at home, and was actually surprised that i couldn't find it, i found for chikki-laddu though :)

So here you go, thanks for sharing this.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kajal,

I came across your blog today & loved it a lot. I read your entire blog & enjoyed the detailed explaination and photos you have added to explain the recipes. Thank you so very much! (I think you should also write a book with such pictures on authentic Gujarati cooking. :)

I liked your sketches and embroidery too. You are so talented & so creative!

I also wanted your help -- I had eaten tomato-sev-sabji in Rajkot two years ago & have been trying to make it, but I think I am not doing it correctly. So, if you have a recipe on that sabji, could you please show the recipe?

Thank you very much!

Best wishes,

Ms.Chitchat said...

Congratulations on ur awards. You have a lovely space and like ur simple and illustrated recipes. Following u.


nisha said...

Great recipe , loved step by step pictures.

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Vidwan827 said...

Congrats on your award.

A coupla points need to be emphasized ....

1. Low heat while caramelizing the sugar / jaggery to prevent burning.

BUT, turn the heat on HIGH after adding the nuts, so the mixture temperature does not fall and so the sugar stays caramelized and does NOT solidify - which would cause a fiasco.

By the way, your jaggery looks quite white in color, .... I wonder if it is of some special variety ... or has the brown color got distorted in the picture ? .....

Good luck, and thank you.