Sunday, March 14, 2010

Malai Kofta

An unusual non-fried version of koftas. Use fresh paneer for best results.
Ingredients for the Koftas:
1 cup paneer
1 tbsp plain flour(maida)
A pinch backing powder
2 green chillies chopped
2 tbsp coriander chopped
Salt to taste

Ingredients for gravy:
100gm fresh tomato pulp
1 cup milk
¼ cup cream
1 tbsp kasuri methi
1 tbsp oil
Salt to taste
To be ground into a paste:
¼ cup onions chopped
3 cloves garlic
2 green chillies
2 tbsp coriander seeds(dhania)
1 tbsp cumin seeds (jeera)
1 tbsp ginger piece
2 cloves (lung)
1” stick cinnamon (dalchini)
Method for kofta:
Step 1: first of all crumbled the panner if fresh and if you use from freeze then grated it.

Step 2: Mix paneer, baking powder, green chillies, chopped coriander leaves and salt.

Step 3: Mix it very nicely if paneer is cool then just microwave for 7 to 10 second then it mix very nice.

Step 4: Then add plain flour in it and make like dough.

Step 5: Shape it into small round kofta.

Step 6: Take a microwave bowl and add 1 tbsp oil in it.

Step 7: Place all the round shape boll of paneer into greased microwave bowl.
Step 8: Smoothly rub this bowl into oil so its surface is oily.

Step 9: Microwave on high for 1 minutes.

Step 10: When cool open the bowl and check it is cook aur not if all paneer bolls are slightly change the color of off-white or it become hard then its cook nice.

Step 11: Keep aside.Method for the gravy:
Step 1: Ground the all ingredient material.Step 2: Make good paste from it.

Step 3: In another microwave safe bowl, add the oil and the ground paste.

Step 4: Microwave on high for 5 minutes, strring once after 3 minutes.

Step 5: Add tomato ready made pulp and mix it.
Step 6: Microwave on high for another 7 minutes stirring in between fo another 2-2 minutes.
Step 7: Add the milk, and cream.

Step 8: Add kasuri methi and salt in it and mix very well with help of spoon.

Step 9: Microwave on high for 2 more minutes.

How to proceed:
Step 1: just before serving add the koftas to the gravy.

Step 2: Microwave on high for 2 minutes.

Step 3: Serve hot and garnish with chopped coriander leaves.


SURAJ said...

hum....this is call world great recipe, even fell smell here...wish i can have it...a beautiful malai kofta like my..____ hum...yummy....

~ Lopa said...

haha what a conincident, i also posted Malai Kofta on my site today, not non-fried version like you though :)

Ms.Chitchat said...

Wow, that was awesome malai kofta,loved the microwave version. Clicks are too good.

Hari Chandana said...

Wonderful recipe.. looks soo delicious n perfect.. first time here.. thanks for the recipe.. :)

Sarah Naveen said...

wow!!! that sounds awesome!! self explanatory pics too
First time here..njoyed the stay..

Anonymous said...

Amazing recipes one after another - I am a big fan of yours Kajal. Thanks for posting these recipes, your blog is my favorite one with so many pictures that it makes us easy to follow your recipe!

Neha said...

Hi Kajal,
I tried your Malai Kofta recipe and it turned out to be amazing. Its really wow >> in first trial itself.
Your step by step picture is indeed a great help for the people like us.
Wanted to check from you>> I cudnt find 'Cake in Microwave' recipe in your blog>> I tried at home but didn't work out. Wud be great if you can help me with the simplest recipe of Sponge cake in Microwave.
thanks a ton.

sarita said...

very nicely explained procedure.. really impressed.. keep going...

Sheetal Nagar said...

Superb Recipe Without turning gas at all. Neither much oil n quite quick recipe...

Sheetal Nagar said...

Superb Malai Kofta without turning on the gas at all. Neither much Oil. N quick version of time consuming delicious Punjabi Dishes.. :)

Sheetal Nagar said...

Superb Recipe Without turning gas at all. Neither much oil n quite quick recipe...

Sheetal Nagar said...

Superb Recipe Without turning gas at all. Neither much oil n quite quick recipe...

Anonymous said...

totally ripped off tarla dalal's recipe and no credit given - that's not cool!

ayesha said...

Wow its yummy...for sure I' ll try tis kajol