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Diwali story with recipe

Diwali is one of the most important festivals celebrated in India. All over India, homes are decorated with lights and earthenware lamps filled with oil. These lamps are called diyas. The name 'Diwali' is from the Sanskrit 'dipavali', which means 'row of lamps'.

In the evening, many people hold a small prayer or puja in their homes. They honour Ganesh, the god of wisdom and good luck, the one who removes all obstacles from life; and they worship Lakshmi, the goddess of prosperity and good fortune. Lights are left burning all night, so that Lakshmi may feel welcome and enter.

Diwali is a festival of joy, prosperity and good luck, and a celebration of the victory of good over evil - which is expressed through different stories in different parts of India.

People wear new clothes, meet their friends and relatives, eat good food, give each other sweets and gifts, decorate their houses with flowers and lights and Rangoli patterns, and set off fireworks.

Diwali Story:

The most famous legend associated with the story of Diwali is the return of Lord Ram to Ayodhya. Lord Ram was sent to exile by his stepmother for 14 years in the jungle. His wife Sita and younger brother Lakshman also accompanied him there. In the jungle Ravan kidnapped sita and Lord Ram had to take the help of God Hanuman and monkey king Sugvir to kill Ravan. After killing Ravan and completing his period of exile, Lord Ram returned to Ayodhya. The people of Ayodhya lit lamps in every home to welcome their true King as well as celebrate his victory over Ravana and also the safe return of their Queen Sita. They danced and made merry and lit firecrackers to express their joy over his return. And as a mark of respect and worship the festivities continue every year till this today.

As another lesser-known story goes, Lord Krishna had battled a demon called Narakasura and emerged victorious. The people of the city were overjoyed and welcomed Krishna back with lamps in their hands.

The Story of King Bali and Vamana Avatar(the Dwarf):

The other story concerns King Bali, who was a generous ruler. But he was also very ambitious. Some of the Gods pleaded Vishnu to check King Bali's power. Vishnu came to earth in the form of a Vamana(dwarf) dressed as priest. The dwarf approached King Bali and said "You are the ruler of the three worlds: the Earth, the world above the skies and the underworld. Would you give me the space that I could cover with three strides?" King Bali laughed. Surely a dwarf could not cover much ground, thought the King, who agreed to dwarf's request. At this point, the dwarf changed into Vishnu and his three strides covered the Earth, the Skies and the whole Universe! King Bali was send to the underworld. As part of Diwali celebrations, some Hindus remember King Bali.

Milk Chocolate

Thanks to my blog friend Latha from “YUM” blog. In September she posted the milk chocolate and she gave me nice idea about making chocolate at home...I made this chocolate with some modifications to original recipe. This is the First time I make the chocolate but it came out very nice. Thank you very much Latha narsimhan.

This is my entry to Hima dor “WVF-Dessert/Sweet” Event.
Theme of this event is “What is your favorite Dessert/Sweet?”. This is my favorite sweet……..

Cooking time: 5 minutes
Makes 60 small bolls of chocolate


1 cup milk powder

¾ cup sugar
1\2 cup water for making syrup of sugar
1\2 cup bournvita or chocolate powder

1\4 cup cashew powder
3 tbsp ghee or butter

* This is the cup I use for measurement.

Step 1: Boil water and sugar in big pan on medium flame.

Step 2: Make little thick syrup of sugar so you get the soft chocolate with desire shape. This is very important part of making chocolate.

Step 3: Turn off the flame and add the butter or ghee.

Step 4: When the ghee mix well add cashew powder in it.

Step 5: After that add bournvita or chocolate powder and stirring very well.

Step 6: Add milk powder in the material and mix nicely.

Step 7: Take little ghee in your palm and make small balls of this chocolate. If you like the make square pieces also(by spreading it evenly and cut with use of knife).

Step 8: Cool for 0ne hour after mix all.

Step 8: Make some chocolate with cashews.

So this is your favorite chocolate ready within 15 minutes.

This is my contribution for "JFS:Diwali " hosted by Vee.

Also submitting this is to “Power less cooking” Event. The theme is all about cooking without using any electrical appliance.


Ready made mathia…Just open the packet and deep fry in oil.

Pack in air-tight container.

Most famous sweet of Gujarat…

For Recipe click here….
This is my contribution for "JFS:Diwali " hosted by Vee.

Farsi puri
I made triangle shape…

Recipe just clicks here.......

Sweet Sata


250gm all purpose flour or maida
250gm sugar
Ghee for frying


Step 1: Mix the flour and 5-tbsp ghee in big vessel.
Step 2: Add enough warm water and knead into soft dough.

Step 3: Make small lemon size balls and roll out thin big size roti.

Step 4: Make seven roties. Sperad the ghee and dry flour over one roti and place another roti over it and apply ghee and flour again. Work consecutively in this manner for seven roties. In top also apply ghee and flour.
Step 5: Roll out with smooth hand.
Step 6: Cut this roll with use of knife.

Step 7: Flatten each piece with roller by smooth hand into small round disk.
It will make some layered circles with gives it a beautiful look too.
Step 8: In big pan add sugar and water. Make thick sugar syrup. After that don’t turn off the flame, let the mild flame continue that will make the sata soft.
Step 9: Heat the ghee in pan on medium flame.
Step 10: Fry prepared round into medium flame in ghee till brown on both sides, so they become crispy more.
Step 11: Place this golden sata in to sugar syrup.
Step 11: Wait for 2-minutes so sata absorbed the sugar syrup very well.
Step 12: Place it in dish and do not place one on another when they are hot because when they are hot they are sticky.
Step 13: When they turn cool place it in storage air-tight container.

This is my entry to Meeta for "Traditional Feasts".

Also submitting this is to Vee of “Past, Present and Me”. She is hosting this month “JFI and Festival series”.

One more new event is “Power less cooking”. The theme is all about cooking without using any electrical appliance. So this is my entry for “Power Less Cooking” event also.


Srivalli said... are simply many dishes you did and all the recipes are so lovely with each much patience...thanks for sharing...

Latha said...

wow Kajal! you've made wonderful sweets and snacks for diwali. the sata step-by-step is very neat. what is Mathia? it looks like papad... but i'm sure it's not the same. enjoy all the treats, dear!

Padmaja said...

Kajal!! First of all where shall i start now?
amazingly your new look rocks love those starberries n the look and hey sweetie how many dishes did you make?? they all look absolutely delicious especially that milk chocolate. As soon as i have time i am gonna make that, a definite try

Anh said...

Oh Kajal, what a great feast u have here!

pria said...

A great feast with so many recipes.

Wishing you too a very Happy Diwali.

Happy cook said...

WOW you made so ùuch delicious looking sweets.
They amm look so good.
I have bookmarkedthis page so next time i can make your sweets as they look so good.

Asha said...

OMG!! What a beautiful post. Love all the sweets girl. Good job!:)
Great pics. Don't you get Cocoa powder there to chocolates? Bourvita has little flavor of it's own. Looks yummy. Enjoy and have a real Diwali!:))

Aparna said...

Great dishes Kajal, thanks for sharing the lovely treats.

Happy Diwali enjoy...


Aparna said...

HI Kajal,

Happy Diwali, wonderful sweets thanks for sharing the lovely treats.
The new look of the site is very nice.


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Kajalben Diwali naa aa subh prasange hu pan aap ne tathaa aap naa parivaar ne subhechha paathvu choo. Aap nu navu varsh khub j mangalmay rahe tevi tamne subhechha tathaa bhagvaan ne prarthnaa.

Samir, A, nani R

Richa said...

Happy Diwali to u and ur family, kajal!
bau ajj fine post che, ekdum dhamakedar!!! love all those sweets and farsan, fantastic!
farsi puri maney bau gamey :) su shopping kariu?

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all sweets are yummy! u have so much patience..u r really inspiring!!

Manasi said...

Wonderful diwali treats!!

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Happy Diwali to you and your family buddy!!! You are one enthu cook. Pass me your address I will be right there. The chocolates look gorgeous. I have to try them out. Happy Diwali again.

Madhu said...

Kajal very haapy deepavali to you.
Love reading the stories and so many yummy snacks and sweets. Have a good one.

TBC said...

Happy Diwali, Kajal.

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Happy Diwali to you and your family ! Great treat spread you have displayed here. Looks so yummy.

Latha Narasimhan said...

so many sweets!:) Right now I am dropping diwali wishes to everyone so will come back to read your recipes! All pictures are so tempting dear!
I still have problem in getting to 4 of my blogger friends sites One is yours. I have to set it right, so that I can visit your blog more often!:)

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Thanks for sharing such a nice recipes.


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Happy Diwali to you and the family. I've bookmarked the page to try these goodies next Diwali :)

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happy deepavali kajal to you and your family :) what an aray of recipes thks for sharing dear !

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Happy Diwali to you and your loved ones too, Kajal :). This is simply a wonderful feast for the festival!

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you always amaze me with your entries. I always wonder where you find the patience to get step by step photos and then look at this post. You have outdone yourself. Great Post!

Thanks so muchf or the entry. Wish you and yours a very Happy Diwali!


Great post Kajal...And I like ur new template....!!!

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Kajal said...

Hi Srivalli,

Thanks for your lovely words my dear. Have a nice day.:))

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Thanks for your nice words. Mathia is something different but it is made same flour of papad but knead the dough with different ingredients so its taste is not like papad. Have a great day my dear.:)))

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Thanks for your nice apparition my dear. Actually your eyes are beautiful so you look nice every where. If you made chocolate than take care of making sugar syrup my dear. It is very important for chocolate. Ok if you made then send some for me bcoz my is over.:)

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Aapke jevan mai Anand hi anad ho....

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I have never tasted Sweet Satta before, but this really looks tempting!! Thanks for the recipe

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Kajal.. sorry for being so late. Happy Diwali!! What a beautiful post that is... Loved EVERYTHING!!
The chocolate looks exactly like what my dad used to make when we were young.. and the Sata looks so pretty too. Simply superb kajal.

Apple said...

Kajal...So many recipes at once..'ve been missing your posts dear...can't wait anymore to try them..but I guess it would take one long year for me to try all those...

BTW your new blog layout rocks..

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Sunshinemom said...

I loved the last recipe! Very new to to me and sounds very yummy too. Bookmarked for this Divali:)

Anonymous said...

add ur picture also

Priya said...

i recently got married to a gujarati guy (i am south indian). one of his favourite sweets is kansar. i am planning to make it for him for our 1st diwali. can you please post the recipe for me?


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Akshay said...

Diwali is the most important festivwl of India. Every one prepare lots of dishes on they day. It is the day of light. Diwali recipes of this site is very nice. There are lots of Diwali recipes in which is very nice.

minal said...

Hi kajal... I want to know how to make Mohanthal. Hope I have spelled correctly. Its for the first time I have visited your website. Also could you please let me know how do I search any recipe if I want.

Can you please teach me how to make a Monthal.


Thanks a lot..