Wednesday, March 7, 2007


Ingredients for preparing flour:
500gm black gram flour,
11\2-cup milk,
50gm ghee.

Method to prepare flour:
Step 1: Mix 100gm ghee and milk in black gram flour and keep aside for two hours.
Step 2: After two hours, sieve this flour, which turns like Rava. Method to Prepare Edible gum.

1-cup edible gum (Gaund)

Step 1: Heat 100gm ghee in pan and fry edible gum on high flame.

Step 2: Finely chopped edible gum and keep aside

Ingredient for making adadiya:
400gm sugar powder,
350gm ghee,
10 pieces of cashew nut,
1\2-cup kismis,
1\2-cup chopped almonds,
Prepar flour of black gram and chopped edible gum (Gaund).

Step 1: Then add remaining ghee in pan and add sieved black gram flour in low flame.
Step 2: On medium flame continuously stir well.
Step 3: When black gram flour turns into golden color turn off the flame.
Step 4: Then add finely chopped edible gum.
Step 5: Let it be cool for some time (15-20 minutes) and add kismis in it.
Step 6: After cooling material add sugar powder.
Step 7: After it is well mix, spread it on a big plate.
Step 8: Let it is cool some time and decorated with chopped almonds.
Step 9: Cut into in square shape and put one chahewnut over one piece.
Step 10: Keep in a container.
Submitting to Trupti event-"Spring Fling 2007-with Family and Friends in the Kitchen" My mom beautiful hand always help me in every way of my life. My mom is add her own sweet nest by heart to making any dish so we all like every dish made my mom. Thank you mummy.


trupti said...

Lovely!! A classic Kathiawadi recipe...mane toh adaddiya bahuj bhaveh..!

thanks Kajal to you and your Mom.

Tamari mummy ne mara Jayshrikrishna.


Asha said...

This is new to me and sounds and looks fabulous Kajal.Your mom is working so hard to create all these,I love her hands.Tell her I said thanks to her!:)

Kajal said...

Hi Trupti,
Thank you for our Gujarati nice word. If I might have been your neighbor I would defiantly give this to you. My mom says to give love to your children. Mom is very impress with your Gujarati recipe and she says basically we like our original recipe. Its does not matter where we live. Mara mummy pan tane Jayshrikrishna kahe chhe. She like your blog recipe and design. Bye for now.:)

Kajal said...

Hi Asha,
My mom says thanks to you. My mom reads new verity of recipe in your blog with lots of interest. She says that you are very creative idea in food. My mom says you love to you and your family.

Sajeda Meghji said...

I have been looking for adaddiya recipe for quite a while.
Love your blog

Kajal said...

Hi Sajeda Meghji,
Thanks for lovely words.
Good day.:)

Tarika said...

Great Kajal.
Thanks for posting this. I will try to make once my Neelam barfi will be over.

Jigisha Christie said...

Hey Kajal,I like your recipe page a loooot,it is very helpful to me cuz u posted it with all snaps. You are really doing very great job. I stay in NY but always wanted to make good adadiya like my mom, I am now regular visitor of your tasty recipe.

venus said...

Thanks for the recipe, I was looking for online recipe for Adadiya, and landed here!

krishna said...

Jay Shree Krishna,

Very nice recipe..Ame hu ane mara husband taiwan ma chhiye, ane mara husband ne adadiya bahuj bhave chhe, to hu pan ahiya adadiya banavu chhu, tamari recipe ane tamara mummy ne joy ne mane pan mara mummy ni yaad aavi gayi, me pan adadiya banavata mara mummy pase thi sikha hata jyare hu india ma hati (marriage pahela) ane paheli var ahiya aavi ne banavya hata. tamara mummy ne amari yaad aapjo.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kajal,

Your blog seems to be really helpful.I am going try the adadiya recipie as it is really nice and one of my favourite.
I was wondering why havent u posted any recipies recently, it would be great to have more of the bharva sabjis recipies, which I cant make. thenaks and good luck to you for everything

priti chauhan said...

i was ver eager to have adadiya, being a gujju i never made adadiya but thanks to u u made me try this sweet at home ,

Kajal said...

Hi Jigisha Christie,

Thanks a lot for your nice admiration.

Have a Good day!!!

Kajal said...

Hello Venus,

Thanks for your nice comment here.


Kajal said...

Hi Krishna,

Jay Shree Krishna

Thanks for your lovely note. Enjoy your dreamy day in Taiwan and Enjoy gujju food.

In all over world gujarti food is best.
Have cheerful day!!!
TC :-)

Kajal said...

Hi Anonymous,

Thanks for your pretty words.
I glad to see your comment here.
Sometime we are busy in another work and I have not time to seat in frount of computer but I will try to post whenever I get time.

Thanks for your Good Luck
Take care and regards,

Kajal said...

Hellooooooooo Priti Chauhan,

I am glad to see your comment. Thanks for your nice words.

Good Day!!!
TC :-)

mitthi said...

Thanx kajal.....i've been looking for this recipe husband luvs adadiya nd am gonna give him surprise by making this....thnx a ton!

archana said...

Wow, i admire the enthusiasm and devotion that you show in every single post in this blog. Thank you for all these wonderful recipes, you are very talented. Good luck !

Anonymous said...

thanks for the recipe. my grandma always made adadiyas and i loved them. Every winter i miss them. Now I shall try this recipe. Can I replace black gram dal with urad dal? (btw, what's black gram dal in guju?) Thanks

Kajal said...


Thanks for your nice comment here and visiting my blog..)

If you remove the skin of black gram it is know as Urad dal. So there is not much different in black gram and urad dal but urad dal looks nice in color.

Have a nice day

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the wonderful recipe. Today, i tried your recipe with a quarter ratio of all ingredients except crushed almonds:- I added twice the required amount. The result was a delicious & sweet mixture of adadiya. The problem: Even after cooling the adadiya, it remained grainy and I couldn't quite cut it to pieces. Anyway I will gladly eat the crumb-like mixture with a spoon but I wish I got it right. I think the doubling of almonds was a mistake. Anything else you can think of?

Kajal said...

Hi Any....
You sieved black gram flour properly and the ghee which you add is enough for the material and when it proper cool then add the sugar so you make the perfect pieces of that.

Thanks for your lovely words dear.
Have a nice day!!!

Anonymous said...

wow..........really kathiyavadi recipe.....i love Adadiya... will u plz give ans. of my one que....tame last ma je suger add kari teni CHASANI na levi pade?actually i m little bit confused abt that bcoz mane thodu thodu yad chhe ke chasani levani hoi.....but anyway hu atayre j aa rite try karu chhu......Nidhi

Kajal said...

Hello Nidhi,

First of all thanks for your comment.
Thaer are two different way to making Adadiya with Power of sugar and another way is with CHASANI. If you like to make chasani then you also add it other wise it is also good teast with simple sugar powder and if you like to know how to make chasani and when you will add then show my Rava Paak Recipe link is here

You just make the adadiya material and make chasani and add the same way as i add in rava paak. But make sure about chasani is not much stick and not water is ther so you take care for making chasani otherwise you have not perfect shape or some time its become hard also.

Annie said...

I am in Los Angeles, I tasted Adadiya from gandhidam ( kutch) which was the best. does anybody know where to get those here or how to make it. or are they different than the one described here.

amisha said...

nice to see a very typical gujarati recipe . thanks a lot for posting it. only question... no chasni required?? many thanks.

amisha said...

sorry kajal to bother u.. i didn't read your reply to Nidhi before.thanks.

Hemal said...

hi kajal

thanx a lot for ur recipes , i am new visitor of ur blog and i liked it very i will be the regular visitor..i am in sydney and ur recipes are really going to very helpful to i saw ur mom's hand ..mane mara mummy ni yaad avi gayi...u r doing really good for the people like us who are staying away fm india.....tanx again

Hemal said...

hi kajal thanx a lot for ur recipes...i am the new visitor of ur blog and liked it very much as u show every thing with i will be the regular visitor...i am in sydney and ur recipes are really going to help me a isaw ur mom's hand..mane mari mummy ni yaad avi gayi.....u r doing really good for the people like us who are staying away fm india...tanx again

hemal said...

hi kajal thanx a lot for ur recipes ...i am the new visitor of ur blog and like to be a regular visitor...i am in sydney and ur recipes are very helpful to people like us who are living away from india....i saw ur mom's hand ,mane mari mummy ni yaad avi gayi...tanx a lot

Nisha said...

hi kajal,
i liked ur motheer's recipe very much.i am also gujju but never prepared it.good thing is u have send the snaps which gives the clear idea of how the adadiya will be prepared.
tamara mummy ne mara jai shri krishna.

Aarti said...

Hi kajal
I am very happy with ur recipe and have tried making them too.
tamari chakri ni ane adadiya ni recipe mane bahuj gami and i made chakries they were very good my hubby and my son loved it.

kajal ben we donot eat sugar much so in adadiya pak instead of sugr can i put jaggery... will that be all right???
plz reply me am waiting for ur answer

Kajal said...

Hi Aarti,

first of all thank you dear for lovely words here.
dear i know that sugar is not good for helath but this Adadiya recipe i never try with jaggery we make ladoo with jaggery sometimes but i not sure about adadiya with jaggery. You use sugar surap in this recipe instead of sugar powder and add less amount of sugar you add. I think this is good idea for it.

Have a nice week dear.


Sangi said...

Dear Miss Kajal,
Nice to see your details on Adadiya paak.If we do not want to use the sugar powder, can we make it from brown ( Organic) Jaggery?

As the current winter season is on its end, your fast reply would be highly appreciable.
Thanks and regards,

Sangi said...

Genuine Thanks for this detailed post on how to make adadiya.

Can you try to make it by having jaggery (Organic jaggery would be better) and suggest all of us wether they will turnout to be a good and healthy option,instead of sugar?

Thanking you in advance anticipations

Anonymous said...

Heh, first of all thank you so much for the wonderful recipe. Will this make smooth adadiya or grainy adadiya?