Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Farali Parotha (Gujarati name)

250 gm ready made flour,
3-tsp crush cumin seeds,
2-grated potatoes,
1\2 katori crushed peanuts,
2-tbsp sugar (optional),
2-tbsp red chilliy powder,
1\2 cup curd,
Salt to taste.

Step 1: Mix all ingredients in warm water (if needed) and keep the dough aside for half an hour.
Step 2: Make medium size boll and apply oil in thick plastic bag.
Step 3: Cover with half pf plastic and roll it in small size smoothly.
Step 4: Cut with any round shape.
Step 5: Apply oil on a pan then put three or four pieces and after 2-3 minutes turn aside.
Step 6: Press it for make both the sides golden brown.
Step 7: Decorate with tomato ketchup.
Step 8: Apply tomato ketchup on one piece.
Step 9: Then also apply green chutney our it.
Step 10: If you like chess then also add chopped chess and enjoy eating.
It also tastes best when served with sweet lemon pickle.

Note: Ready made flour contants Rajgira flour and Sabudana flour in equal quantity.


Anonymous said...

please mention which ready made flour do you want people to use.

Anonymous said...

Can you please tell us which flour is used here?
Trusha Patel

Anonymous said...

Hello Trusha Patel,

I used Ragi Flour (in gujarati "Rajgara no lot").

Have a nice day!!!


yesh mehta said...

In shravan mahina how can v eat tomato kecup or do u want us to use kecup widout garlic n onion

Rekha Mehta

Mansi said...

What type of flour v can use???