Saturday, March 3, 2007

Dhokadi with festival of Holi

Holi Festival:
Friends, can you imagine a life without colors?

We celebrate Holi, just one day but colors remain in our life throught, and when it comes to children oh………, blue, yellow, orange, green, purple, pink and lots of other…………. Friends, the spring is in full swing and the festival of color is just around the corner. Holi, the word, signifies the act of burning.
The story goes like this that a few thousand years ago, there lived a demon king in India named Hiranyakashyap. The king had a son named Prahlad who was an ardent devotee of lord Vishnu.Father, Hiranyakashyap opposed his devotion to lord Vishnu. The father ultimately planned to kill his son. In this venture, he asked his sister Holika for help. She had a boon of immunity from fire, so the king planned that she shall sit on a pyre with Prahlad on her lap, hoping he would be burnt to ashes. But Prahlad’s prayer helped him in the fire and Holika burnt in the flames of fire. It is believed that the burning bonfire takes away all our evils.

Lord Krishna’s holi with colors is very well known. In ancient time people used traditional colors from the flower of ‘Palaash’. It is also known as the purest fire colored flower.

Drop this flower in water than water becomes great orange color. This is pure natural color and we play holi with this water. This color is good for skin.

Across the world whenever Indians or people of Indian origin celebrate Holi with great enthusiasm, the major intention of such festival is to bring people together and generate a feeling of brotherhood and harmony.Are you ready to play holi with this water..........

Dhokadi Recipe

Ingredients for Dhokadi:
1-cup buttermilk,
3- green chillies,
7-8 garlic pieces,
2-cup gram flour,
2-tbsp oil,
Salt to taste. Method to prepare the dhokadi:
Step 1: Make a paste of green chillies and garlic.

Step 2: Heat oil in pan and add paste into.
Step 3: Then add buttermilk in it. Heat it for 2-3 minutes.
Step 4: Then spread gram flour over the buttermilk on law hit of flame.
Step 5: Do not mix it but take some time as it is.
Step 6: When buttermilk is slightly thick and flour is cover with it then mix it and turn off the flame.
Step 7: Spread it in flat dish immediately.
Step 8: Then cut into small pieces with knife. Ingredient for curry:
1-cup buttermilk,
1-chopped onion,
2-green chillies,
5-6 garlic pieces,
1-tbsp chilli powder,
1-tbsp cumin seeds,
1-tbsp haldi powder,
2-tbsp oil,
Salt to taste.

Method to prepare the curry:
Step 1: Heat oil in pan and add cumin seeds, onion and garlic-green chilli paste.
Step 2: Then add buttermilk in low flame of heat. Heat it for 5-minutes.
Step 3: Then add salt, chilli powder and haldi powder and dhokadi in it. Heat for 5-minutes.
Step 4: Serve hot with partha or roti. This is very special village curry in Gujarat.


Richa said...

Happy Holi to you Kajal.
It's true, it's imposible to imagine life without colours! And it is such a pleasure going thru your beautiful & colourful pictures. I'll post my Holi celebration pictures soon.
Keep smiling!

Sia's corner said...

happy holi to u kajal... god!!! so many mouth watering items... will go through them in leisure. hope u r having good time dear:)

trupti said...

Hi Kajal...this is somewhat similar to the Rasiya Muthiya that we make in our Kathiawdi cuisine...I'll be making that soon and posting it...

thanks for this recipe..


Kajal said...

Hi Richa,
I love you colourful pictures. Thanks for colourful words.:)

Kajal said...

Hi Sia's,
Happy Holi. Thank you
Bye for now.:)

Kajal said...

Hi Trupti,
Gujarati dish ma maja chhe.
I like your gujarati dish. We celebrate holi with our gujarati dish.:)

Shah B said...

Hello mam!

Kyarek gujarati dhokli pan post karo..!