Sunday, November 1, 2009

Date Pickle

Happy Halloween day to my all blog friend
Date Pickle

200gm date
1 cup sugar powder
11/2 cup lemon juice
50 gm ready made pickle masala

Step 1: Wash the whole date in water.
Step 2: Place in clean plate or white moist cloth.Step 3: When they become dry then remove the seeds and cut into long piece.

Step 4: Take dry clean vessel and add sugar and lemon juice in it.
Step 5: Mix all sugar powder in lemon juice properly.
Step 6: Add dates pieces in this mixer.
Step 7: See that all dates pieces is cover with this lemon juice otherwise add more lemon juice.Step 8: Add ready made aachar (pickle) masala in it.Step 9: Mix all this properly and closed the vessel with cover.Step 10: It is ready to eat it within two hours.
When U Face Choices…

Just toss a coin...

not just because it settles the question,

but while the coin is in d air,

u will know what ur heart is hoping for !!!


Indian at heart. said...

hi kajal , i loved your blog!
wow! you are really a great cook ..i just saw it today ...couldnt resist complimenting you :)
i also wanted to start blogging ..made a profile on blogger,com ..but somehow it s not getting published.
can u pls tell me exactly how to go about it? the name verification (publishing section) pops repeatedly even after i entered it correctly, what am i doing wrong?.how should i publish it like if want to see it in google searches..or send it to friends
i have used hotmail id is compulsory to use gmail?
if u can please help me ..i would be grateful ,thanks a lot.

Sonu said...

Hi Kajal, this is not my first time to visit your site but first time ever I am leaving my comment here.:)
Nice to see you back. I love your blog with step-by-step recipes.
you pan Gujarati chhu...tu jya rahe che te jilla mathi j aavu chu. :)
Will visit and leave comment regularly.

Kajal said...

Hi Sonu,

Thanks for your pleasant comment on my blog. Mane to gujarati loko blog ma made etle bahuj aanad aave chhe.

Have a great day dear!!!

Kajal said...

Hi Indian at heart…
Thank you for your gorgeous comment on my blog.
For publishing the post your just open the site of and write your user name and password when you open the site click on Posting and new post so you have one window is open where you can write and add pictures. Then write the name of the post and finally you have click the publish button to publish the post.

I fyou can’t do this then try to open the blog with your gamil id. Is is better for that.

Have a nice day!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kajal, I am a follower of your blog and I like your way of explaining the recipes :)
Anyways I wanted to inform you that one of your image of date pickle was copied on this link.