Saturday, January 27, 2007

Ginger Paak(Aadu Paak)

1-cup grated ginger,
1-cup dry grated coconut,
2-cup jaggery powder,
1\2-cup ghee.

Step 1: Take a tava and pour 1\4-cup ghee on law flame. Add grated ginger and mix it till ginger become slightly brown in color and until all water part of ginger is burnt. Turn off the flame.

Step 2: Take another tava , add 1\4-cup ghee on low flame and add jaggery powder.

Step 3: After 1-minute turn of the flame and then add ginger and coconut . Mix it well.

Step 4: Decorate with coconut.

I learn this recipe from my mom. We call it in Gujarati – “Aadu Paak” (Aadu means ginger ).This is good for those child who has a cold problem in winter. Take one small piece of this every night and after that drink water. It is very beneficial in cold and good fro throat infection too.

It will stay good at room temperature in cold atmosphere for about 45 days.

This is my entry to Rosie for JFI- Ginger.
Have fun Rosie with Ginger.

Also submitting this to VKN for his noble cause of FAHC campaign.


Asha said...

WOW!! Thai totally new to me and looks delicious with fried ginger!!Great recipe,thanks Kajal.

Kajal said...

Thank you Asha,
You for your encouraging word for me.Try it sometimes it is help in cold.Buy

TRS said...

Hi Kajal,
You have a beautiful blog here...Aadu Paak is wonderful,haven't had it in a while! thanks for the recipe.


Kajal said...

Thank you Trupti,
I also impress from you blog design. You manage it well.

Pooja said...

Hi Kajal ,
this looks Great ! thanks that you reminded me that it helps a lot in Cold. I think I should make some now to keep away cold from me :) .
thank for sharing your method of preparing this.
Nice entry for JFI.

Kajal said...

Hi Creative Girl,
I know you might also have creative ideas for ginger because you are creative girl.Have a nice day……………

Menu Today said...

Hi Kajal,
In another words it can be called as ginger Halwa. It looks nice and it is very good for digestion. Thanks for sharing step by step method.

Kajal said...

Menu today,
Thanks for comment.
Ginger Halwa is also related name with this dish like we made another halwa dish.Have a nice day.....

Krithika said...

THis is such a new recipe. will surely try this

Kajal said...

Hi Krithika,
Wel-Come to my blog. Good Buy now.:))

Tarika said...

Aadu paak is really good idea to make it during the winter, May be I will try to make it after my ski trip.

Kajal said...

It is very helpful in cold. I know you will make better than me.Buy.

kalpakam said...

Hi Kajal ,

Your stuff looks great . When you say dry grated coconut - is it the desiccated one ? By the way , which brand of garam masala do you use ?

Kajal said...

Hi kalpakam,
Well come to my blog. I am not use any garam masala in this item. Dry coconut is available in market.
Have a nice day.:))