Friday, May 11, 2007

Happy mother's day Special

In Celebration
Of the Happy mother’s day
I share……………

Why God Made MOTHER

God, in all his wisdom
Made a special person mother………..
Someone whom we count on
And on whom we can depend………….
Someone who is always there
To bend a helping hand…………..
And out of all the things
That God could every send,
Few mean as much as having
One nice, carrying, simple person ……….

I gift this saari to my mom on her birthday and I share with you on happy mother’s day.:)
I work out by my hand and so this is very special gift to my mother. Every time my mother made everything’s for me so I decided that I made one saari for her.


Nandita said...

That is indeed a very sweet gestures, hours and hours of hardwork translating into a beautiful piece of work, which Im sure your mom is going to love.

Asha said...

You did all that by hand for your mom!!WOW!! Kajal,that is a great gift,no wonder you were busy all these days.Have a great Mother's day:))

Richa said...

hi kajal, that is one BEAUTIFUL saree! mara taraf thi taney sashtang namaskar, u r an awesome artist & a caring daughter. may ek waar table cloth ni embroidery try kari hati aney it took me more than a few months to complete heh!heh! enjoy mother's day with ur family :)

Sandeepa said... did THAT !!!! That is a beautiful handiwork. Your Mom sure is going to love it

trupti said...

Good Job Kajal, that is beautiful!
Happy Mother's day!

color bahuj mast che!

bee said...

you are very talented, indeed, jkajal. your mom is lucky. btw, are you sure god is male? :-)

nalini said...

Hi Kajal,
First time commenting here! All I can say is wow!! what incredible talent and what a wonderful and affectionate gesture; very apt for Mother's day!!

Mishmash ! said...

WOW! Incredible !


musical said...

Kajal, wow! thats such a wonderful gift for your Mom.....all the love and effort you made it with! Its so are a wonderful daughter and artist, Kajal.

Lovely in every way......

just for fun said...

Have a great mothers day. Wonderful gift. You are so talented :) Have a nice weekend.

Sharmi said...

Dear Kajal, Your Mom will be very happy to get such a gorgeous gift from such a lovely daughter.
oh you did a wonderful piece of work. I am awestruck!!

hugs to you

DEEPA said...

hey kajal...too good man ...excellent gift ..wht else ur mom would want from a daughter...she must be really happy ....great ..Wish you also happy mother's day

cool gal said...

hey kajal,

m visiting for 1st time...but have to say well done...

blog's really great will visit more often
interesting for u to know that was looking for khichu receipe..n got ur blog..receipe is excellent too..

good work...also hi to all of u visiting...

Happy Mother's Day to all.

soni said...

hello all,

great work kajal...

happy mothers day...

soni said...

hi kajal,
pls. help me with ravaiya receipe.


Reena said...

wow!! you did all that by hand? that is very sweet and thoughtful and you are so talented. i am sure your mom must be so thrilled to get this.

Kajal said...

Hi Nanadita,
Yes, you are right I have hard work for this saari, but I am happy to gift this to my mom.
Thanks for lovely comment.:)

Anonymous said...

Good blog. Very detailed recipe good pictures.
Would you tell me what kind of camera are you using?


Kajal said...

Hi Asha,
Thanks for your kind words. Enjoy Mother’s day with your children.

priya said...

That was beautiful, creative and colorful.

Kajal said...

Hi Richa,
Thanks for sharing your experience for making table cloth.
This is time making process but we enjoy when it is complete.

Kajal said...

Hi Sandeepa,
My mom love this saari and your words too..............she read this all comment and more happy with me.:)

Kajal said...

Hi Trupti,
You are great mother I feel this by your blog.
Thanks a lot!

Kajal said...

Hi bee,
Thanks for nice comment. You are promoting me.:)
Have a nice day.:)

Kajal said...

Hi Nalini,
Well come on comment division and thanks for your lovely commet.
Keep in touch nalini, I like your name my dear.:)
Good day.:)

Kajal said...

Hi mishmash,
After long time see your comment. Thanks a lot!
Happy day.:)

Kajal said...

Hi Musical,
Thanks for nice comment.
I am not great artist this is your nice thinking.
Love you my dear.:)

Kajal said...

Hi Just for Fun,
Thanks for sharing mother’s day and your nice words.:)

Kajal said...

Hi Sharmi,
You are absolutely right she is very happy when I gift to her. Also I give this saari when I am far away then she is little tear in her eyes too...........
Thanks a lot!

Kajal said...

Hi Deepa,
Every mom want love from her daughter.........I express love by nice gift........
Thanks my dear.:)
Take Care.:))))

Kajal said...

Hi Cool gal,
Well come to my blog and thanks for nice comment.
Gud day.:)))))))))))))))

Kajal said...

Hi Soni,
Thanks for nice lovely words.:)
I help you in your ravaiya recipe my dear.:)
I am with you when you want help..........
Have a nice day.:)

Kajal said...

Hi N???????????,
Plz write your name my dear. I use Nikon camera.
Thanks for your nice comment.:)
Have a nice day.:)))))))

Kajal said...

Hi Priya,
Thanks a lot!
Nice to see your comment.
Bye 4 Now lovely girl.:)
Take Care.:)))))))))

Menu Today said...

Hi Kajal.
Saree looks soooo beautiful!!!!!!

Sharmi said...

oh thats so cute Kajal!! did you hug her?

Kajal said...

Hi Menu today,
Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!
Good day.:)

Kajal said...

Hi Sharmi,
Thanks for nice words my dear.:)
Have nice day.

Kajal said...

Hi Soni and cool gal your blog is not open by me so what's problem plz say me......Waiting for your reply.
Good day.:)

latha said...

This is a very beautiful work, kajal! You are so talented... henna, patiently worked embroidery and cooking. Your mother is very lucky:)

Kajal said...

Hi Latha,
Thanks for your nice comment. I learn all this things by my mom she is very talented so I am. Enjoy your weekend.:)

SHUBHA said...

amazing embroidery yaar.. too good che..

Kajal said...

Hi Shubha,
Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!
Have a nice day :-)

LG said...

Wowww yaar! A very beautiful saree for your mom. Loved all the designs on the blog.