Friday, June 8, 2007

Henna Design

After a long time about 4-5 years I try my henna design…..My ancle daughter come at home and say for that so I try this in her hand…..


Roopa said...

the design looks beautifull !

Kajal said...

Hey Roopa,
Thanks a lot!!!
Good day.:)

Suganya said...

Beautiful design. Looking at yr pic I think its time to dust my design book too.

Latha said...

very pretty, kajal. did u also take a picture after the henna was removed? that reminds me of the henna cone i bought in india this time. this is a nice design to try.

trupti said...

So pretty, Kajal! Mara hath ma mehndi lagave varsho thai gaya!



Seema said...

Oh lovely and simple design girl. Oh its been years since I had mehendi on my hands. Love it.

Asha said...

Beautiful! You know I took a Mehandi class but never tried it on anybody!:D

Alapana said...

Kajal,thats beautiful,Multi talented you are:)
and i wanted to say this about drumstick curry,we make it using onions and milk also,do check it out on my blog and after i started blogging i came to know that it can be made in such different varieties too:) i will try the recipe as soon as possible:)

DEEPA said...

wow!!!very nice one ....

Kajal said...

Hi Suganya,
Thanks a lot!
Open your book and try it now so I am waiting for your art........:)

Kajal said...

Hi Latha,
Yes, you are right but after removed heena she is left from my home so I have not captured the picture. Thanks for lovely note for me.:)

Kajal said...

Hi Trupti,
Lav hu tane mehndi lagavi dav........My dear.....pan tari marriage
wedding anniversary ave tare lagavi apish.:)

Kajal said...

Thanks Seema,
Lovely comment my dear.:)
Good day.

Kajal said...

Hi Asha,

Thanks for nice comment.

Take Care.:)

Kajal said...

Hi Alapana,
Thanks for lovely comment.
I sure check your blog and try your drumstick recipe.
Thanks for sharing my dear.:)
Have a nice day!

Kajal said...

Hi Deepa,
Thanks my dear!!!!!

Mishmash ! said...

Kajal, I was not able to access your site from the comments you left on my page...wonder came here thru food blog desom....
anyway i love applying mehendi on my hand...wish you were my neighbour...but then you will get so sick of me too, coz of frequent visists :D


Kajal said...

Hi Mishmash,
I left a comment on your blog today.
See if any problem then says me again and come in neighbor and see I am not sick….
Thanks for your lovely comment.:)
Good day.:))))))

Anonymous said...

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