Friday, June 22, 2007

White gourd curry

Very simple but when less time for cook and want fast dinner then this is my favorite curry to cook.:)
200gm white gourd,
1-tbsp mustard seeds,
1-tbsp cumin seeds,
5-6 pieces of garlic,
2-tbsp oil,
2-tbsp red chilli powder,
1-tbsp turmeric powder,
Coriander leaves for garnish and salt to taste.

Step 1: Peel and cut the white gourd in to small pieces.

Step 2: Heat the oil in pan and mustard seeds and cumin seeds in it.
Step 3: After the few second add garlic small pieces in it.
Step 4: When garlic pieces is golden brown then add chopped white gourd.
Step 5: Cover with dish and cook in very low flame for 15 to 20 minutes.
Step 6: When white gourd is cook and soft then add remaining masala, mix well.
Step 7: Turn off the flame and garnish with coriander leaves.
Sever hot with Roti. :)
Next coming Aachar.......


Roopa said...

looks appetizing and delicious, waiting for the Aachar...

Anonymous said...

hi kajal,

it is really gr8 that i know your website. i am learning so many food recipes in your website. i have suggestion for you , y can't u add one more section called "recipe request" where we can request the recipes which we can't cook correctly. i think if you show some of the recipes like this step by step any child can cook.

so pls do something for that, i have a list of recipes i want you to teach me, plsssssssss


Suganya said...

Hey Kajal, How did you end up cutting that gourd so perfect? A simple stir-fry and great with jowar rotis. Thanks for the recipe.

ushaprashanth said...

Hi Kajal!
The recipe is very simple and easy to make... This will be apt to hot sambar rice too..

trupti said...


Aa shaak to maney bahuj bhave Khichdi saathey!
Tara detailed steps bahuj gamey che maney!



Asha said...

Whoa!! How did chop those like pro. chef?! You are very god Kajal.
Love the simple dish too.Have a great weekend:)

Anonymous said...

I am big fan of yours, just love your simple and delicious dishes, appreciate your details steps. I have tried so many items from your blog and they were all a hit. Thanks for all these great recipes!

Anonymous said...


Fari thi tame ekdam hit item lai ne avyaa chho. O ane amaari nani R nu naam Radhika chhe. Ene tamne jai shree krishna kahyaa chhe.
Khub saras.


Kajal said...

Hi Roopa,
Always first to comment me......Thanks my dear.....Simple and spicy aachar for you.:)

Kajal said...

Hi Jyothi,

Thanks for nice suggestion. I am not great cook but I know Gujarati dishes. I will try to add recipe request section but I do not know how to add, so you know then you help me. I start my blog for FACH-Campaign. I love Children. So you please give me more information how to add this “recipe request”.

Thank you Jyothi.:)

Kajal said...

Hi Suganya,
Lovely cooment....Thanks my dear.....Jowar roti is perfect match with this curry.:)
Nice to see here.:))))))

Kajal said...

Hi Ushaprashanth,
Yes, I see in south India many curry you eat with rice and sambar.....I like your raw banana curry with rice and sambar....Thanks for kind comment.:)

Kajal said...

Shu vaat chhe Trupti, Tane to Khichadi bahuj bhavti lage chhe.....India ma Khichdi naam ni serial ave chhe typical gujarati type.....Thanks for appreciating me.:)

Kajal said...

Thanks my dearest dear Asha,

Always I jovial when I see your comment with a gorgeous words.....Great day.:)

Kajal said...

Hi Meghana,
Thanks for lovely comment. It’s my pleasure, to see your nice comment here. I also try to help to those they do not know how to cook....So I give more and more information with everyone understand easily. Have a nice day.:)

Kajal said...

Hi Samirbhai,

Tamaro khub khub aabar......Radhika naam to mane bhahv game chhe.....Radhika ne mara Jai Shree Krishna.:)

With lots of fun Little R.:)

Vcuisine said...

Agree very simple dish to relish with rotis. Viji

Anonymous said...

hi kajal,

i don't know much about the websites. i think u know so many things about this as u own a lovely website. as usually give recipes like that just give one note asking for recipe request. whoever give comments on this u can start notings down. or u can ask ms.shilpa who have her website called,she got this facility in her website

thank you for taking my suggestion seriously.


pooja said...

hey can u guide me to make saunth sukhadi urgently please???
i tried ur sukhadi worked awesome..

Thank you